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    Add it to the rest of my savings. I don't really have anything to spend my money on anyways and each month I save up more money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PizzaSHARK View Post
    You'd upgrade your book?

    ",book and pay for a nice holiday..."

    I don't think that's what Kera meant, Pizza.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lellybaby View Post
    I would have let him get away with it. He bought a golden retriever and they are just so cute.
    So ask for a jury trial and have the lawyer hold up the puppy saying 'if you convict this puppy will be homeless.. can you do that to this cute puppy?' ?

    I think danish laws would convict on amounts i could not reasonably expect and obligate me to make sure unreasonable amounts were returned to their rightful owners.. not sure.. I would work under that assumption
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    Take a bite out of some debts, keep ~1/4 of it in savings. Consider going on a trip, decide not to.

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    Pull down all that Money so the bank cant redirect it to its rightfull owner... after this is done celebrate your new wealth
    Paying all Bills is the best choice cause it lets you sleep well at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaozu View Post
    Add it to the rest of my savings. I don't really have anything to spend my money on anyways and each month I save up more money.

    Especially if it's deposited on my savings account, it might take me ages to even notice the money.

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    Pay off some debts and for the first time get a decent PC.

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    Buy Swift Spectral tiger for $700 and get all the chicks.
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    getting banned from mmoc is like being let out of your jail cell when your sentence is over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mynta Vali Daseriu View Post

    ",book and pay for a nice holiday..."

    I don't think that's what Kera meant, Pizza.
    Yeah, but how do you upgrade a book? You buy it a new dust jacket?
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    I also do landscaping on weekends with some mexican kid that I "hired". He's real good because he's 100% obedient to me and does everything I say while never complaining. He knows that I am the man in the relationship and is completely submissive towards me as he should be.
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    Crissi the goddess of MMO, if i may. ./bow

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    IF its an accident, he uses it and it needs to be paid back, he'll be screwed over twice

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    Make sure its legal, then use it rofl. Im not in a good way with money at the moment so any bit extra helps, I wish this would happen to me.

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    Demand a paper copy of the check that was deposited. Even if the depositor's name is redacted, drop that money into a savings account and don't touch it for a year, just to be sure. Even if it gets reversed, you can still legally claim the interest you earned off of it in the meanwhile.

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    To people saying "check if it's legit" the point isn't that. The point is, what would you do with $10k windfall. I would invest it.

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    Buy some drinks and relax with a new medical card and all the benefits of one.

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    What are most of you thinking with?, wait 90 days, freeze the account?, ask bank ? , make sure its legal? lol

    keep the money..

    someone deposited the money to his bank account

    now its his money

    he should do whatever he wants with it

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    Check with the bank to see if I can legally keep it. If they say I can, spend it. If they take money off of us, it's a "mistake". Why not the opposite way around? :P

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    10 grand would clear all my depts, the rest would go into my savings account to add to to save up for a deposit on a house i imagine. It's not enough to get fancy with, so would have to be sensible =p

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    Sums up how I'd possibly react to an anonymous deposit of 10 grand.

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    Well.. first of all id kinda wanna know where it came from lol, But then id probs donate some of it to this childrens wing at the local hospital where my brother was when he was born 10weeks early. They did an amazing job and i can never thank them enough, So id give them money to buy new stuff (Just that ward i dont want the hospital taking it all -.-) the rest? save maybe :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abrasion View Post
    Because it could be someone else's money and you could get sued for spending it?

    Just sayin'.
    Not really, its the error of the invididual depositing. The bank is also insured for any such feck ups of this type, happens more often than you think, and yes, I know, as I used to work for a bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiing View Post
    IF its an accident, he uses it and it needs to be paid back, he'll be screwed over twice
    You cannot be held legally culpable for erros such as that. Only if the money has been obtained through criminal means, and you were aware of it can any action be taken. Hell, a drug dealer could accidentally deposit $1mil in your account, and as long as it was perfectly innocent mistake, and your not linked in any way to the crime, then your not legally culpable (obviously if he found out who you were, its another story :P) All that can happen is any debt incurred should it transpire to not be yours get covered by the banks insurance policies. They may give wind and bluster to demand you pay it back, but you have no legal responsibility to do so, and any court will rule in favour of the individual not the bank. In fact, thinking of it, I cannot think of ANY cases in recent years where a bank has successfully sued/prosecuted an individual for errors such as these.

    Basically, check with the bank, then spend the money.

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