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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaozu View Post
    Add it to the rest of my savings. I don't really have anything to spend my money on anyways and each month I save up more money.
    That's also what I would do. Why should I spend it? Can't actually think of anything I'd want to spend money on.

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    I would say someone buying something put a wrong digit in, I would query the bank to ensure this is not the case, it would be unfair if this was someones hard earned savings to buy something and it went to wrong account. Shamefully I did this with $4,000 to pay for our fencing, thankfully the bank acc didn't exist so it bounced back.

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    I once made a deposit to my bank and they had swapped the last 2 numbers of my account and put the money in someone else's account. I didn't notice for about a week and when I did go back and talk to them they hadn't noticed either but they did correct it and remove it from that other account. Luckily no money was lost for me but I have no idea if that other party had even noticed or tried to spend any of it.

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    I'd probably move out of home.

    I'm 19, and my parent (Mum) is beyond frustrating atm ... I also have a further 5 Grand saved so I'd combine all 15k .. Buy some Nice appliances, Bed ETC and get the hell out of here

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    Take it out and hold it somewhere but dont spend it for a long time, and when you do spend it dont blow it, basically take it and ad $10k to your stash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uennie View Post
    All this is great and all, but as I've said the bank has completely cleared the money of any fraud or theft concerns. It was deposited as a check to my friend's name, to their bank account number. There has been no mistake. So, can we move on to people not being worrywarts?
    Yet they couldn't identify the person who deposited the money? Yeah, seems legit... So, where did this person get his name and account details? Is this something that is public knowledge in your country?

    Having done the math, I'd probably just straight up demand that the bank take the money until they'd determined it's origin. I wouldn't want it sitting in my deposit account, and any interest it contributed wouldn't likely be worth potentially losing a full month's interest for making a withdrawal against my high interest savings account. Even if it was a gift from a friend or relative, if they didn't know me well enough to realise I hate "surprises", I doubt I could take their money with clear conscience.

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    Ideally I would try to track down whoever deposited it and see why the deposit was made and then go from there.

    Most likely though I would just let that money sit for a year. If they haven't caught it by then I would go ahead and spend it.

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    Easy Answer. Transfer it to my savings account and pretend it didn't exist. There is your emergency funds, a down payment for a house, a start on retirement savings.

    ALSO, if your friend goes online and logs in to their bank establishments website, it should have a scan of the check that was deposited. All banks do that. You'd be able to see who wrote it.
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    Leave it there, if I was doing fine financially before the deposit, then I would save it for a rainy day.

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    I'd use it to focus on uni for a year so I wouldnt depend on summer jobs and half time jobs during studies.

    So basically buy free time with it?
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    Its not really really yours. Some guy recently tried to pull a fast one on the bank when they did the same error (actually way more $$). He ended up using the money and now in some deep shit after. If it is not your money, let the bank know. If you don't and you use it, and they find out later... expect to be arrested.

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    If the bank says it's clear, I'd start by paying off all my dept, then buy a nice used car (They are expensive here). Maybe buy a few upgrades for my computer. Rest for bills and stuff as I'm currently unemployed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uennie View Post
    My question to you is, what would you do if someone gave you $10,000 for no apparent reason under these circumstances? Meaning: The bank says it's clear and it's really, really, all yours.
    Ask the bank to contact the person responsible to find out if it was in error...


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    1. Check with bank
    2. Check with family lawyer
    3. If above are both cleared, I would then transfer it into savings.

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    Get a new car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dandello19 View Post
    It doesn't have to be theft. If he actually does have this 10k in his account, most likely the person making the deposit just wrote the wrong account number on the deposit slip. And if thats the case, your buddy will have to pay it back.
    Are you retarded or just can't read. The OP stated it was to his friends bank account, the chances of someone accidentally writing his friends bank account number are astronomical. Let ALONE also write it to the friends NAME, and still be an accident. Stop being stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eletastic View Post
    contact the bank to see if its a banking error, go through past contacts to make sure none of them are shady, and lastly if both those check out clean assume I have 10k setting in the bank.
    It's already cleared by the bank the OP said so....

    OT: I would upgrade my PC, buy stuff that i need and save some.

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    I would wait. And even then just spend a little of it. I know someone would start to miss their 10k eventually

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    I'd probably do the safe thing. Check with the bank to be sure. Then be really boring and squirrel it away towards my house deposit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolkingler1 View Post
    I would first drop my jaw through the ground.

    Then I would check if it is legit.

    Then I would spend it. A new computer, driving lessons, and a car. Rest saving up.
    must be a wreck of a car for that kind of cash.

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