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    I don't think you guys realise the amount of trouble you can get into by spending money that appears in your bank account by mistake.

    Not only will you have to pay it back you will literally get sent to jail once whoever's money it is realises whats happened.

    A women in Australia got accidentally sent 2 million dollars and she spent it on holidays/gifts, now she has to pay it all back and is now facing jail time - her excuse is she thought it was a one lump payment from her former husband for her kids (it wasn't) Shes now had to sell her house and pretty much all her stuff to pay it back and is going to court now trying to avoid being sent to jail.

    You can't just say "HURR NOT MY FAULT" you will get fucked up if you spend's only a matter of time

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    First place would be casino

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    First I would get in writing from the bank manager that the money is legit in my account. I would then use that money to pay off any debts and save the rest. yeah im no fun..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lellybaby View Post
    Report it to the bank. Don't ruin your life for $10,000.
    1) start with this.

    2) then get written permission from the bank manger that this was an acceptable deposit.

    1 and 2 okay?

    3) cry.

    4) pay off my car (5600 left)

    5) save it.

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    buy what gold I can and bury it in my backyard.
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    The ULTIMATE PC gaming setup and a nice gun to protect it.

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    I'd be adding it to the funds I already have saved up, thus buying my first house quite a few months earlier than planned.

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    the obvious answer is wire it off to some shady Caribbean bank and then send it off to china then Israel some country that hates Israel then Switzerland where you have it mailed to you in cash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methanar View Post
    the obvious answer is wire it off to some shady Caribbean bank and then send it off to china then Israel some country that hates Israel then Switzerland where you have it mailed to you in cash.

    The bank/government would still be able to confiscate 10 grand worth of your property in the event the money was not in your account, and you would still face charges... also, doing that money exchange would be expensive as fuck.
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    1) Make sure all my finaices are in order (since 10g's is the number that puts up a red flag at the IRS) so I don't get audited 2) enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnìgmaEU View Post
    must be a wreck of a car for that kind of cash.
    Not everyone is born wealthy. You know that people do sell cars used, right?

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    Make sure that it's completely safe to use the money (call the bank etc), and then I'd have no problem with it.
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    Pay off my car/credit card. Probably treat myself to a couple $100 something and save the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uennie View Post

    My question to you is, what would you do if someone gave you $10,000 for no apparent reason under these circumstances? Meaning: The bank says it's clear and it's really, really, all yours.

    This is Spain... so when a bank says that everything is fine that usually means that you'll end up paying even more than it is.

    But, if I know 100% that it's save, i'd simply put it into a separated account and make interestes out of it for 1 year, then use it if i need it, or else keep it.

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    so i did some research, which means talking to my lawyer cousin and my accountant mother, and they both told me if this ever happens to me take these steps

    1. Call the bank and freeze the account, if someone can deposit into your account with out your concent they can withdraw from your account.
    2. go to the bank talk to bank manager in person perferably and find out if it is your and legit, everything in writing
    3. Request new bank account, cards, everything new with different numbers, and a account to account transfer.
    4. party

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abrasion View Post
    Because it could be someone else's money and you could get sued for spending it?

    Just sayin'.
    You cannot get sued for spending it if the bank has already checked and given the go ahead what are you like 10?

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    First of all I'd be very happy! Then I'd make the bank put it in writing that the money is legally mine that way if they try to get the cash back as they "made a mistake" you have it in writing thus your ass is covered

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    Friends of ours here in Australia found $75,000AUD deposited in their account one day. They just opened a new account and left that one untouched for 2 years I think, after which they could do whatever they wanted legally.

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    How can this be such a mystery to you guys?
    Obviously someone meant to send it to a different bankaccount but made a little mistake in the numbers.

    It's very likely for that person to notify the bank of his mistake and the bank will return the money to the original person.
    So spending it right away is a very bad decision.

    Though it might become yours legally once the person hasn't notified the bank on time.
    I know in my country you can't ask to get it back once it's over a month old. But you'd have to check that for your country.

    And I have to add, I've experienced both sides of it through my internships.
    One time the company where I used to work kept paying me for 2 months after I stopped working there. But they noticed and asked for the money back. Even though it's their mistake, I couldn't hold on to it since they would simply go to court over it.

    And another company I worked for was a bit lazy with paying me, so I kept asking for it. The last time I asked for it they told me they had already paid it, but I hadn't received anything so we went to check what went wrong. Apparently they had mistaken one number of my bank account, so it went to the wrong person. Luckily they could claim their money back before the transaction was outdated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheersbrah View Post
    You can't just say "HURR NOT MY FAULT" you will get fucked up if you spend's only a matter of time
    Exactly, once the sender realizes the mistake and notifies the bank and goes to court... you're fucked if you have spend anything.
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