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    Lord of the Rings Online - Worth it?

    So I found Lotro on steam and it's downloading as I type this. I decided to take a break from WoW until MoP is out. I watched the movies and have an idea about the story, but no clue how the game is. Any of you that played/play Lotro? Any tips, what is the class a noob should pick to learn the basics, how is the community etc etc?

    Basically give me all your info about Lotro.

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    I played a couple years ago. Lost interest 20-30. I assume there is more content now, but I don't know. Certainly used to have the nicest community for a FTP MMO though.

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    It's free, of course it's worth it.

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    It's not really F2P, unless you have the time to grind endlessly for Turbine Points to open up content. It's just more comfortable to purchase those points or just subscribe. Still, it's worth to try out and first 20 or so levels are F2P.

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    I tried to play it but by looking at the graphics i had to uninstall it instantly, it's sad really.

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    It's not as smooth as WoW in terms of how it runs/looks/feels, but some of the sights are truly breath-taking and it wins by a country mile on aesthetics. Great looking armour, actual weather effects (not sure sure about seasons; though better than WoW's once-in-a-blue-moon rain in some random place), breath-taking sights; and I mean truly breath-taking if you have a good gaming computer, much better community than the dung heap that is WoW's, and, the most important thing to me; good lore and good lore writers.

    WoW stopped having those around the same time Arthas died.
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    It's a little bit dull in terms of classes/animations. I found that none of my characters ever felt powerful, no matter the level. I don't know, maybe it's in line with source material, but it didn't translate into an awfully fun gameplay. That being said, I think LotRO is one of the better MMOs out there, especially being F2P.
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    I was in beta and then played it casuall throughout it's existance to Moria. During Moria they started to have incredibly stupid class balance issues and went full retard in attempt to fix them. It's still worth of a play though, the questing is top notch (assuming you read anything) and game mechanics aren't bad at all. Just needs adjusting.
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