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    Conqueror: Infernal Dawn Mount

    Came across this slacking Bahmi CM on the PTS in Sanctum

    This was posted before but i managed to get a few decent screenies of the Infernal Strider mount which is the reward for achieving Conqueror: Infernal Dawn, the newest 20-man Raid instance

    Also did a very short video clip...

    An evil Defiant AFK in Sanctum (awesome armor), whatever next

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    Very nice Catch Slipmat, It does look rather awesome.. Not going to lie the head does freak me out a bit tho... I reckon it'll probably be about a few weeks till we see anyone riding it around on live tho :P
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    Unghhh I want this mount so bad. *drool*

    Laethys has been kicking our ass, and will continue to do so for a while more, though.
    This is a while off but it will allllll be woorthhh itttttt

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    Cool looking mount :P

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