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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatketchup View Post
    Haha, oh man, this thread is 7 months old guys, I've gotten over my crazy rage quite a time ago.
    Oh shit lol I didn't even notice and I was like reading through all the comments about to make a post myself. Wow.

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    Im usually very calm but games are one of the only things that piss me off. Being chain ccd on wow is so frustrating, dying to that boss youve been fighting for 40minutes in any game is pretty annoying too. I dont mind it at my level though, its one of the few things im enthusiastic about in life :P most of the time i see pretty devoid of emotion haha.
    But if you feel like its ruining your day or impacting on your health id just try to avoid shooters.

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    What I do is I vigorously dry hump the air until all the anger is gone. Works all the time.

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    Could just smoke two joints when you login, smoke two joints when you logout, smoke two joints in between the match, it will make you feel alright

    ahh snaps, caught in the necro'd thread, shouldve paid more attention
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    I don't really play FPS anymore but if I start doing poorly in video games I just remind myself that it's totally meaningless. Even if I am shit... so what? What am I trying to prove? That I'm a great player? Why? Noone cares.

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    Play a different game. I get the same frustration in almost all PvP scenarios. Usually one of the following:
    -that one jerk who has fine tuned his accuracy with his gun with every second of his free time since the game came out
    -the other team managing to camp your spawn point so you just have to sit there and die over and over.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatketchup View Post
    Haha, oh man, this thread is 7 months old guys, I've gotten over my crazy rage quite a time ago.
    ah well! It gave me an excuse to vent my own problems.

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    When it comes to FPS games, I don't rage very hard. I might say "fuck" and grind my teeth a little, but never yell or smash things. WoW is the same, except when I did arena. God, I hated it. Luckily I soon stopped doing it. Random BG's used to be fun, but the bots make me rage again, so I stopped doing that too.

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    I've destroyed a keyboard, a wall and a door by losing my temper, over a game or over some other shit. Never because I was angry at someone else, but mostly because I was frustrated at my own failings or a situation that was out of my control. The healthiest thing to do when you feel like that is let it out. If you keep it in, and try to "manage it" (what a joke anger management is, sigh), you'll just end up blowing up one day. Worst case you hurt someone.

    Some people are content blaming others, or blaming the circumstances when they lose; the other guy cheated, it wasn't your fault, or something bugged, it wasn't your fault. It's easy to keep your calm when you lie to yourself convincingly. It's much harder when you try so hard to succeed only to fail and realize fully it's all your own fault for being such shit.

    For me personally my team sports background also comes into play a lot. When I'm playing with a team that's losing, I give so much of myself to try and win (not selflessly, I want to win myself too) that when we do finally lose it's very frustrating.

    Besides, people come in all varieties. Some people play with passion, and others are indifferent whether they win or lose. Being able to enjoy winning passionately often also means having to lose passionately.
    things worked out better than we had planned • now everything's ruined, yeah

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    I get annoyed sometimes if I'm really into a game and want to win, and I rage in game... but I've never raged OUT of game. You don't see me banging the table, throwing things, yelling or screaming, cussing out and what not. I just remember it's a game and to take it like one. Sure it's important to you, but you have to realize that there may be underlying things that's causing you to react like this. Could always just take time off the game, or take a step back when you realize you're starting to get mad and do something else. Say you're PvPing and you get owned, go do dungeons or something, level another character. FPS, just switch servers or something.

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    It really gets under my skin too. What I do is unleash the anger onto my keyboard and mouse (bang them on the desk). You will have to replace them more frequently than you usually would, but it really helps calm you down.

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    Closing this down. It's quite an old thread and it hasn't really been the most productive discussion around.

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