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    Post Mystical Witchdoctor Zabuzal Darkscalp [BIO]

    Name: Zabuzal Darkscalp
    Nickname: Zabu-Zabu
    Age: 29
    Race: Troll
    Gender: Male
    Class: Master Witchdoctor

    Languages: Mostly every language.

    Faction: Horde

    Personality: A very hyper and near-crazy attitude, and almost nothing bothers him. You could be the most annoying person on earth, or the biggest jerk in Azeroth, he will never judge anybody, however they act. He never seems to change his happy feelings.

    Likes/Dislikes: As stated before, he practically likes everything. Even people who doesn't like him, or what he does, or if they threaten him, he will still keep a smile on his face. With no likes or dislikes, it's really difficult to aggrivate this guy.

    Appearance: He wears a long, brown leather robe, markings of trollish symbols on them, made in blood. He wears a purple headband around his permanently damaged eyes, and thanks to Voodoo magic, red flares spark where his eyes use to be, and serve as his eyes. His staff consists of a long, gnarled staff with a large skull on the top, splattered with dried blood. It has red, purple and green feathers around the top, and it's eyes glow a purple. He carries around a small sack tied with linen string around his waist, that carries his gold in.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: He draws strength from spells and hexes, most of them very helpful, some, not so much. Although a mystical Witchdoctor, he still makes the occasional mess-up. Most of his spells can backfire if he hesitates, or somethign terrible goes wrong, in which case, he will be temporarily disabled. His only other weaknesses are the power of another much more powerful Witchdoctor. But, being as powerful as he is, it is unlikely you'll find someone even as great as him. If you plan of defeating him for any reason, the best thing to do is take his Staff, where all his voodoo power is stored. Without that, he will be as weak as dust.

    History: Ever since Zabuzal was a child, he was always interested in magic. He saw adult mages come in and show off their power, and Zabuzal wanted to do it himself. He tried again and again, but he could never do it. Later on, when the Attack on the Echo Isles was being prepared for, Zabuzal heard about Witchdoctors on the Island, and their power. Zabuzal, being such a young Troll, swam to Echo Isles and, obviously, was captured. During the reclaimation of Echo Isles, they found him in a wooden cage with Zalazane, who the Darkspear defeated. After Zabuzal was released, Zabuzal took a Witchdoctor's Staff, to use in his training. It was small, but it would work. When he was 17, he was a pretty good Witchdoctor. He moved to Gadgetzan to do some research on Sandfury Witchdoctors, but was captured by them. While captured, he made mental notes of the Witchdoctors and what they did. Then, the Bloodscalp Leader, prepared Zabuzal for sacrifice, but Zabuzal was preparing for this moment. He burned the robe with an incineration spell, and fought his way to freedom. While he was escaping, he stole the High Witchdoctor's Staff, and killed the High Witchdoctor, as an act of revenge. But, while he was fighting the High Witchdoctor, his eyes were permanently damaged, leaving him blinded. He made a seeing aid with purple linen and some voodoo magic he knew to have small embers be his eyes. his way back to Gadgetzan in deadly need of healing, and was treated back to health in about 2 weeks. After that, he moved back to Orgrimmar and continued his studies in Voodoo, and now is now a very great Witchdoctor, taking the title of, "Zabu-Zabu, the Mystical Witchdoctor of Orgrimmar".

    OOC Notes:
    - NO this character, in person, is NOT overpowered. He is only, like, 5-10% better then the average Witchdoctor/Shaman/any other magic class. Besides, as stated, it is very hard to aggrivate this guy.
    - If i made any spelling errors, please tell me. Or, hell, even LORE errors. I am known to eff up lore. A LOT.
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    Okay, uh, how does he know nearly every language when it seems like he's only been in contact with fellow trolls until recently? How did he become a master witchdoctor without any formal training, as it appears he was entirely self-taught? A magic staff won't give its wielder knowledge, it will only augment their current power. How did he manage to kill the high witchdoctor of the Bloodscalp while being self-taught? The distances in-game are but a fraction of the distances in lore. What takes minutes in WoW would take hours or even a day or two in a roleplay or, in this case, a character biography. Keeping that in mind, how is it possible that he swam the entire way from Durotar's shore to the Echo Isles? As well, the invasion of the Echo Isles is a very recent event, occuring before the Cataclysm, so about a year or two before the present, so this is a lot of things done within one to two years.

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    Alright, i will have to edit some stuff.
    1. I will change it so that he only knows Zandalari and Orcish.
    2. I will go more into detail about the Staff's Power.
    3. I'll change the part about his swimming all the way there to something else, i'll think of something, and the date of the event.

    Expect this bio to be edited not now, but later. Thank you for the help, i expected to be wrong on most things.
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