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    If I was you I'd reccomend an addon called Mage mana bar to help her get used to the rotations it generally tells you when you want to be burning conserving etc. Also The is a fantastic site which shows what enchants, gear upgrade gems you should be slotting for you spec. Generally speaking you need to burn (spam arcane blast) til 35% mana then evocate and then conserve phase 4x arcane blast then 1 arcane missles or barage if missles haven't procced also remember to keep up the fire orb at all times and use mana gems for extra sp etc oh and also arcane power everytime it is available. Good luck :-)

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    I love how people continually trash arcane as easy to play when it's probably the hardest to play mage spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marv333 View Post
    people saying "arcane isnt what ppl think l0l theres mana management and stuff" are just sheeps who cant admit their spec is the easiest spec to play
    dont tell me that mana is hard to manage especially since they nerfed the hp by 25%
    I picked up a Frost dk recently, playing that is much more easy than playing a proper arcane mage. Arcane mage is not about pussing buttons, its a game of the mind and a game of control. A momentary laps of control can mean a loss of 2k dps easy.

    Haters will hate, yet there are so many people out there that are unable to get Arcane right enough to be a proper dps.

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    I believe we got her reforged much better. Her hit is still a little high(17.61) and her haste is high(11.72). We could get her haste a little bit lower and reforge some to crit.

    So where I have questions now is when to use cooldowns. She has the 4 piece bonus. So from what I can tell she will have Arcane Power available quite often. Does she just use that on cooldown? What about mirror image do you only use that during your high dps phase? The last cooldown I was unsure about is the mana gem. I know every once in a while I see someone creating a mana gem during a fight. Do mages only do that if there is a time were nothing needs to be attacked. Or is that something that again you create on cooldown?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Condoner View Post
    I love how people continually trash arcane as easy to play when it's probably the hardest to play mage spec.
    People are ignorant and think that their rotation with 2 more buttons is so much harder to play when in fact it isnt. And this whole "LOL ROLL FACE ON KEYBOARD AND WIN" shit is SO OLD!!!! Come up with something better to say already instead of something that has been said over and over and OVER since classic...

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    Arcane power with 4 pc has a 37 second cooldown when fully stacked, it is used on cooldown unless the mana gem is about to come off cd, in which case you want to combine the two. Or unless the boss is about to enter a debuff phase, think tendons on Spine (HC).

    Mirrors you pop (normally) just before your first burn phase, if you are (un)lucky and can land a few nice crits fully stacked and your tank is not hitcapped (which most tanks are not) and he is (un)lucky enough to miss a few swings you will pull agro. Mirrors protect you from that, after that pretty much use it on CD.
    Only exception of note is on progress fights, with <1 min to go where the tank may die and mirrors may be able to extend the fight long enough to make the kill.

    1 "full charge" mana gem as 3 charges/uses, always start a fight with 3 mana gems (i.e. fresh gem). Most fights will last shorter than the use of 3 gems and its subsequent cooldown, if there is room to use a fourth gem and preferably a fifth (i.e. Madness only) then make a fresh one at any given opportune time.
    Preferably at a time where you are not carrying 4 stacks of the AB (de)buff.
    You pretty much use the Gem on CD, it is a straight up damage increase. You try to stack it with Power torrent, Arcane power, Heroism, etc to get the most use out of it.

    You are forgetting two sources of damage increase, Evocate and Mage Ward

    Evocate I am going to assume you know, but I will say anyways. It regens 60% of a mage's mana, durning which Mage Armor will tick 2 times. Hence you dont want to use Evocate unless you are at 25-30% mana not accounting for external mana sources like Hymn of Hope and simular stuff.

    Mage Ward absorbs magical damage, in turn thru the Incanter's Absorb talent you get bonus damage of 10% of the amount absorbed.
    Not only are you helping the healers (a very little), but you get a nice boost to your damage output. I.e. Spine when the Amalg goes boooom, he does fire damage.
    On that last tick of fire damage, pop mageward to trigger IA and carry the bonus to the Tendon.
    Most fights in DS have some sort of magic damage though in some fights its much less ..... usefull. Increase in damage is increase in damage.
    NOTE: MAGE WARD!!! Do not use Mana shield unless in very exceptional situations, simply because its to mana intensive you want to use your mana to do damage.

    For reforging I can recomend the Addon ReforgeLite or to finetune the hit and stuff. You will find most those hit the Hit cap exactly and change many a reforge. I.e. You have Haste reforged to Mastery on the head item, while haste is of higher value than Crit... I believe you should reforge the crit to mastery instead.

    Ow and I just noticed the Crit enchant on the Wrists, you want the 50 intellect enchant ... Its expensive but its an upgrade.

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