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    Expertise for PvP

    So what is everyone's preference on capping expertise for PvP as ret? I see some who don't care for the 20 expertise while other's say it's mandatory. I get a lot of mixed responses.. Personally I cap it to avoid my CS being dodged/parried, although there is that ability for people to still do so. Can anyone give me convincing advise as to why capping expertise is a GOOD or BAD idea for arenas?

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    Good because it will secure more holy power vs teams that have classes that can dodge.
    Bad because it will have no effects against Wizard cleaves and generally classes that can't dodge/parry in the first place.
    With Ret t13 2-set I wouldn't bother capping expertise, since holy power is already pretty secure but it's up to every induvidual, both things are right.

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    capping at 20 expertise means u will nvr see a dodge on a cs against any casters

    its really nice for warriors and druids too since they dodge and parry alot

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