View Poll Results: How do you hang your toilet paper rolls?

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  • Hanging Over the Top

    5 45.45%
  • Hanging Under the Bottom

    2 18.18%
  • Why would anyone ever care which way it hangs?

    4 36.36%

Thread: Toilet Paper

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    Toilet Paper

    Got to wondering at work tonight: What percentage of people hang their toilet paper with an overhand roll (where it falls off from the top) and underhand (where it falls down behind and under)?

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    never got why people care about this so much.
    i just put the roll on the roller and whichever way it goes is whichever way it goes

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    You really think too much, there is so many questions to be answered out there! and you choose to think about this? Hah, we need all kind of people on this planet, guess toilet paper thinking guy is not an exception!

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    i guess its one of those compulsive things that people do....but you really need a 3rd option please. Do you just set the roll on the back of the toilet?

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    mine sits on the roller i dont put it on or it breaks lol

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    Sorry, we don't need toilet threads here, even indirectly.

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