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    getting into veil of the eternal blossom...how ?

    how do you get into the veil of the eternal blooso...need to get the new flying and upgrade some skills...can't figure how to get there

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    I got there by going through the doors (literally through them) in the southern part of Kun Lai Summit.

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    have they fixed that since you did that?

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    same.. talk to the panda on the right when you enter that little court before the door. he will open it for you. there's even a funny little line from blizzard saying there will be a epic cutscene and they love us betas

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    I got up on the wall at the Shado-Pan place in Kun-lai summit and then jumped off to the left.
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    just walked right through...thanks

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    There is a quest that can be found at the Temple of the white Tiger, that is the opening quest for the Vale. Goodluck^

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