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    Skill 1 Ability Warriors

    Ill use Axe for an example of my question. with [1] ability its Chop / Double Chop / Triple Chop. But what im wondering is if your spamming your [1] key do you stil gain all 3 levels of the Axe (chop/double/triple) or does it reset the ability too just (chop) if your constantly pressing [1] ???

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    You will still get the next version if you hit something. Spamming the hotkey won't have any effect on which version of the chain you'll get.

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    What Haasth said, but you should probably take this questions in the warrior thread.

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    If you look closely at the icon for your #1 ability, you'll see that it changes, even while spamming. So yes, you will still be doing the combo.

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    Please keep warrior discussion to the primary thread.


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