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    Honor items: Expertise over Mastery?

    So, there's some honor items that have no crit, only mastery or expertise. After getting out of a BG and seeing my
    scorpion's Clench (disarm) get parried I'm seriously considering taking the Expertise especially considering Mastery is
    pretty darn lackluster for hunters, not to mention expertise is needed for wing clip and raptor strike (glyphed =20%
    damage reduction).

    That extra tiny fraction of damage isn't gonna do me a damn bit of good if I'm dead due to my survival skills getting
    parried. Thoughts?

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    You still get the buff from glyph of RS if its avoided.

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    Raptor strike gives you the 20% damage reduction no matter if you hit or not. Your pet's expertise is based off of your own hit chance, not your expertise (though expertise might also add to it as well, I am not sure). That leaves only wing clip, which is not reliable in the first place, and you will never be able to stack enough expertise to never have it dodged or parried in PvP (you would need like 30% expertise which is insane). All in all, no, expertise is a bad idea for hunters.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H3-N9zoI5c Amazing video of 60+ devilsaurs raiding Undercity!

    My God, what a horrible creation. People seeing what they want? Thank God they tried to shy away from that. I know it pisses me off when I'm in an heroic raid, yet in the back of my head all I can think is 'some casual player is playing a heroic dungeon and not wiping.' -Vodkarn

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