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    [Bio] Duchess Elizabeth Gore

    Name: Elizabeth Gore, Duchess
    Age: 33
    Race: Human (sees herself as such, actually worgen, but is in Denal about it and stays in human form most, if not all of the time)
    Gender: Female
    Class: Rogue, assassin

    Languages: Common only

    Faction: whoever pays the most, with a tendency to favor alliance

    Personality: slow to anger, very calm and rational in her actions, be it words or fighting. prefers waiting for the opponent to start attacking if it's open combat.

    Likes: anything shiny will grap her attention, especially gemstones. money, she likes money alot. playing around with new poisons, venoms and toxins.

    Dislikes: no real dislikes. except spiders, she hates spiders. Reading is high on her list aswell.

    Appearance: shoulder length black hair tied into a pony tail so it wont get in the way, pale skin, green eyes. her arms are quite muscular but overall she is quite slick in her appearence

    Strengths/Weaknesses: excelent aim with a bow, but prefers her daggers and throwing knifes to a bow / gun / crossbow any time of the day. when it comes to face to face combat, she is below average, and relies on her enemy to make a mistake that she can exploit to get a kill. she is really good at sneaking around and listening to peoples conversations without being noticed, due to her skill at multi-tasking

    Weapons: thought i'd add a note about the weapons she usually carries as they're quite numorous. she carries 2 daggers with her at all times, depending if it's a social place or an actual mission she is at decides how well hidden they are. on missions she also carries: multiple throwing knifes hidden various places, a cross-bow with 5 bolts, hidden blades (think Assassins creed), and 3-4 home brewed poisons of different sort. if her mission doesn't require stealth she also likes to bring a small axe and a 2 hand katana for variety

    History: This is still a WiP, it can be changed.
    As the first born child in her family, she has never had a need to do anything herself, but she hated doing nothing, she wanted to make a noticable difference, without having to read. When she was younger, she would always push herself to do better, annoyed at constantly being compared to her younger brother (Joshua) and told how he was superior to her, she decided to leave behind her family, and live in the wilds at age 17. Out here she honed her, still quite remarkable, skills even further. When the Worgen curse first hit, she was one of the first to fall victim to it, she tried to cut it off at it's source, and failed misserably at doing so. She was caught and turned into a worgen by Arugal, just as he did to the village of Pyrewood. Over time she learned to control it, and could stay in her human form for as long as she wanted, but still felt an animal presence inside her.

    After a couple of years, she traveled to Stormwind, this was shortly before the cataclysm, but kept her lupine side to her self. She bacame an assassin, she felt no real ties to the alliance, and as such served whoever payed most, this eventually led to goblins, which led to orcs and other members of the horde. She quickly got a reputation as someone who got the job done, and got it done quickly and effectivly. She never said no to a mission, especially if the pay was right. The only time she has said no to a job was when her target offered her twice the payment to kill her first employer, she killed her target and took the money anyways.

    (More stuff goes here)
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    Nice one. As a duchess, does she still own tracts of land? I guess whatever lands were hers would be under Forsaken control right now. However, if she forsook her status when she left home to live in the great outdoors, would she still then carry a title?

    One small correction:
    "this was shortly before the cataclysm, but kept her feline side to her self"

    Feline = cat. The word you're looking for is lupine.
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    Well thanks for that small correction Chonar.
    She still holds some sway over the land of Gilneas, as she is concidered the heir (being the only living child of her parents), but as you said, the forsaken are currently in control over the area. She forsook her family, but kept the title out of respect and a bit of sorrow of leaving her family behind.

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