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    funny cause on my level 60 barb i am using my main stat and im tank setup and yet i have to deal with mobs with stupid mix's of abilitys funny part is just looking at gen chat in diablo its offical forum and the comments on the patch its self a lot more seem to hate the things they did. if they didn't want people to use IAS then it shouldn't be in the game. as for breaking jars and all if they didn't want us to do it then fucken remove them.

    they keep removing more and more from the game that made the other 2 diablos fun to play and me personally once guild wars 2 comes out i won't be playing d3 at all. i would remove it from my computer now if it wasn't for the fact there is a couple of people i still play with.

    Its the online community, they will always complain about things. They are never happy, and its the vocal minority that you see. The content majority remain quiet. I guarantee you that for every one person who is vocal and complains, there are about 10-20 who are happy and quiet.

    Barbs are fine, IAS was never something Barbs stacked as much as DH's. We couldn't, we need to watch our resists, vit, str, armor....we cant just focus on pure DPS. DH's were hit the hardest, and they deserved it. They were far too OP compared to the other classes and simply went all out DPS, and if you cannot see this then you are blind. Now you actually have to get resistances and vit so you do not get 1 shot. Big whoop, it takes you a couple more hits to kill a mob now, and you actually have to focus on more than 1 stat on the char. Now could they lighten up on the IAS nerf? Sure, 50% was a bit harsh. I would have expected something along the lines of 25% and there is still plenty of time for things to change.

    They wanted players to use IAS, stop being foolish. They just had no clue it was going to be as powerful as it was. The game is just over a month old, and there are still many patches to come, including 1.1 which is the class balancing patch (ie: buffing/nerfing of abilities as needed. 1.03 only had a few minor class tweaks, 1.1 will be major).

    Complaining about barrels and jars still? Seriously? I've been playing Diablo since D1 was a new title on the shelves of stores. Not once in D1 or D2 have I gotten anything of worth out of a Barrel or similar object. Usually some potions, maybe a gem here and there and a vendor blue or yellow. My set items, uniques and whatnot all came from mobs, and the occasional chest. In D3 I actually got a couple LEGENDARIES (equivalent to a D1/2 unique. Still not sure why they changed that..) just by smashing barrels, which seemed odd to me.

    Anyone thinking they are trying to push the RMAH needs to take off the tinfoil hat. Did you know most of the fees for converting the money from Balance into a PayPal account (the 15% cut)...DOESN'T go to Blizzard, but actually PAYPAL? It's to cover the fees for the transfer, they don't make anything off that fee. The $1.25 is Blizz's to keep but that's normal for any sort of auction, actually that's a low fee when you consider a R/L auctioneer will take 20%-50% of the earnings.

    And go ahead and play GW2, your pessimism will not be missed.
    There is a thin line between not knowing and not caring, and I like to think that I walk that line every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtbrig7390 View Post
    i normally got 700-1100 gold from drops with 5 stacks so it could be normal and u just have had a good run.
    Nope, I just did another, and kept getting piles of 700-1500, even without 5 stacks.

    I'm pretty sure they stealth buffed monster gold drop rate.
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    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
    Words that lots of people don't seem to know the definition of:
    "Troll", "Rehash", "Casual", "Dead", "Dying", "Exploit".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dacien View Post
    Still irritates me. They're hurting legit players trying to combat illegit ones.
    And they'd be hurting legitimate players more if they didn't combat the illegitimate ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    Nope, I just did another, and kept getting piles of 700-1500, even without 5 stacks.

    I'm pretty sure they stealth buffed monster gold drop rate.
    From the runs I did today it seems to me like they nerfed the mob gold drop rate. Sure theres stil some large piles but not as many. I think they may have also reduced the vendor price for most items also. I used to have a hard time finding lvl60 blues worth less than 500 gold to salvage and now most of them are less than 500 and some even less than 100 gold.

    I understand the vendor nerf since I get a lot more magic items now but why mob gold drops. Were supposed to be killing stuff so why not keep the drop the same? For comparison I used to make about 200k from gold and drops per run, now its about 100k. This is without breaking lots of loot objects also.

    The other thing I dont understand is the armor/weapon racks. If there is no weapon on a rack there would be no reason to loot it. My character can see its empty and would just run by it. Before you see a weapon and inspect it to find out if its good. Now what happens? You think you see a weapon but its and illusion? There were much better ways to fix vase runs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dacien View Post
    Just a bad decision overall. Couldn't agree more with your sentiments here. If some dude wants to spend his time farming pottery, let him. If that's how he wants to play the game.... Blizzard is so goddamn touchy sometimes; they want you to play how they think you should be playing.
    Totally agree. They always say "We dont want people grinding vases because we think its not a fun way to play." Well how do they know the people grinding vases aren't having fun? You would have to like it if you were doing it for hours on end. The thing is what people find fun is finding things, either gold or items, and will usually do it the way they find easiest but they are still having fun, otherwise they wouldnt do it.

    A better way to fix the vase grinding problem would be to just put vases only where there are mob so you would at least have to kill something to be able to loot them.

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    Not only did they nerf the gold drop from pots, but it actually costs you a fortune to break them now. Every pot I break in inferno costs me 106 gold in repairs. Every single pot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aoyi View Post
    Not only did they nerf the gold drop from pots, but it actually costs you a fortune to break them now. Every pot I break in inferno costs me 106 gold in repairs. Every single pot...
    wtf o_O I didn't realize repair costs from 'combat' were that big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiddly View Post
    I start at "The cursed hold" quest, and personally I go clear all three wings of the cemetary of the forsaken, then go to the forsaken woods and clear both caves and the event there, then to leorics manor and go right outside, kill the 1-2 rare packs just outside, then do the warden/butcher.

    Make around 150k easily, just with gold and vendor selling things, sharding the level 60 gear for mats and either selling them or making six random gloves.
    What a waste of time - I used to make 150k just doing the butcher dungeons + butcher (and completing Tyrael quest).

    Now it's like 40k and you pay 25k in repairs (even without dying once). GG blizz. Also the gold AH is neutered now and prices will drop due to people not having any gold. All to push people into buying items or gold from the RMAH. That was always the only goal.

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    Just did some farming on my monk in act 1 infero

    Cleared 3 crypts, 3 elite packs and 2 mini bosses

    Grand total of
    1 tome of secret, 4 useless blues and a lvl 44! rare. Yep lvl 44
    None of the mini boss dropped anything except gold, not even blues with 3 stacks nv

    Died once, 7000g repair bills

    This patch might just be the worst i've ever seen in any game
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    This is absolutely the attitude and language that, in this community, needs to go sit in the corner for a while. If you can't stand the thought of there being multiple difficulty tiers of content -- into which we pour a lot of our development efforts -- to make raiding feasible for more than 2% of players, hit Heroic mode, turn on vent, and repeatedly remind your friends how good you are. I have no doubt they care

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