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    [Monk] IAS Nerf and LoH

    So after seeing all these monks within the first few weeks barely taking out the big baddies in inferno, I started too look up some tips and tricks for my monk. After seeing that a lot of people were successful in running a ton of IAS and LoH and surviving fairly fucking well, I decided to emulate these strategies. At first it worked wonders. I was getting creamed in act 2 and after getting a fair amount of LoH, I was doing fine. However, this LoH/running Thunderclap rune spec (from what I know) is based a lot on the attack of your punches to generate that HP.

    As I haven't been on for a while, how big is this nerf for you all you monks out there running like 700+ LoH? Is attack speed so crippled now that stacking crazy LoH won't let you survive anymore?

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    IAS is nerfed to oblivion. I guess you are back to point 0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    IAS is nerfed to oblivion. I guess you are back to point 0.
    Damn this blows balls hard lol. I spent a fair amount on some stuff that had LoH on it. Ugh, I can't log in to confirm the shitstorm that became of my LoH but lets hope its not as bad as I think it will be.

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    IAS had its effectiveness halved, so it is still effective, but not as much as it was before of course. It isn't worthless, but it isn't what makes/breaks the game either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    IAS is nerfed to oblivion. I guess you are back to point 0.
    However, Inferno mobs are putting out about 2/3 of the damage they used to (in some cases much less). With decent resists (mine's at 855), you can stand in poison and eat arcane rays. Really the only thing you have to watch for is Desecration.

    At the same time that they nerfed mob damage and nerfed player damage (via IAS), they also buffed mob health. So the game seems really slow now. And it feels like you've lost a ton of DPS. You may have lost some, but the added mob health is making it feel like more than it really is.

    But, after awhile of sitting there stewing about your shitty DPS you realize that you're not using your heals, you're not running in and out of combat and you're not dying. For some people, this will make them feel better about the IAS nerfs. Me, it just pissed off more because all the challenge has been sucked from the game.
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