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  • Yes (after beating Inferno)

    8 12.70%
  • Yes (not bothering with Inferno)

    5 7.94%
  • Partially (sold some items, keeping options open)

    13 20.63%
  • No (haven't beaten Inferno yet)

    20 31.75%
  • No (in it for the long haul)

    17 26.98%
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    I made $1 off of some not that great level 25 item, was shocked it sold to be honest

    I'm probably just gonna try to sell some stuff so I have enough balance to live through some Server transfers in wow lol.
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    Indeed I did cash out. I cleared Inferno as Barb pre-nerf, pre-RMAH, then I just started fooling around in Hardcore. Once the RMAH came I put up most of my gear, made about 160EUR (~$200) which ain't much but not too little either since barely anyone buys on the EU RMAH.

    I am in HC now at lvl60, mid Act 3 Hell, my playtime dropped from like 8-16 hours/day to lousy 1-2hrs/day after I cleared Inferno SC. I assume when I die in HC I will stop playing D3, for now at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auguine View Post
    I had a bul'kathos weddingband with like identical stats scammed from me in a trade with someone that was spam removing/accepting so it looked like they accepted the trade first. So sad to see it worth that much.
    Sorry to hear that. Got mine for a cheap 8.5m.

    Quote Originally Posted by moff View Post
    truly amazing. how many hours have you invested in that character?
    Well, I have just 96 hours played time... but that time pales in comparison to my time in the main menu playing the AH. I can't give you a estimate on that, but many hours per day were dedicated just for it.
    Basically: 2 days after Diablo came out, my professors (and of dozens more of Universities here where I live) started a strike (that is still going on). That's the only reason I had the entire day to fool around in the AH. Otherwise, I wouldn't go far... as I'm majoring in a engineering.

    EDIT: Sold Blackthorne's yesterday, and finished my cashing out with a grand total of $2164.95
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    I hate myself for not buying this game when it came out.
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    A guildie of mine made 300 euro and his brother made 200 euro. I haven't made any money myself(mainly because I don't play D3 that much, and because I'm still in Act 2 Inferno)

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