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    Quote Originally Posted by Darjeeh View Post
    Well, guess I'll be playing Diablo for an additional couple of weeks and then never again =/
    Sorry if this comment is offensive to someone, but it's just my opinion. Peace.
    Welcome onboard!
    I uninstalled it this week-end. Good riddance!
    Only miss my €, oh well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Playintrafic View Post
    Why is it that the Fan art's posted are almost allways better than the TCG art? The TCG art has gone downhill a lot sadly.
    They're still posting TCG art from the first few sets (these illustrations are from Set 3, Fires of Outland), so saying the art "has gone downhill a lot" is not accurate or fair.

    The artwork for the earlier TCG sets generally isn't as good as the more recent stuff (the most recently released set is number 18, Tomb of the Forgotten).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dravelar View Post
    That is a brand new raid,it is not copied and pasted
    True.... They did change the colour to!

    Must be hard working at Blizzard.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zatheyll View Post
    It'd be interesting to see why so many are voting no in the poll.

    Do people actually have a serious reason for not liking the patch, or are they hating on it just to hate on it?

    I've checked out the patch, and I have nothing wrong with it. A few quality of life nerfs, some class balance, it isn't even a content patch. It seems people freak the hell out if they would have even a single point of health taken away from them.
    As a wizard here my dps took quite a huge hit, 38k to 24k dps. So elite mobs may have been nerfed, but so was ranged dps! x.x I'm not gonna lie, it was fun to send lightning balls flying all over the place, and now I feel like attacks are slow in comparison.

    The main thing I'm not enjoying is repair bills. It seems like most things can be killed with enough space (and time) to kite, but if you mess up in a situation where you have little kiting room it can get ugly. I tend to keep throwing my face at elite packs that are punishing for any mistake (ie, fast molten minion vortex mobs) but I may just leave them in a corner rather than spend too much time and repair bills on them.

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    Is that Mario coming out that lightning bolt?

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    I am not surprised that they nerfed monks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madruga View Post
    The people who disliked Diablo patch 1.0.3... Are all of them Demon Hunters, by any chance?
    Witchdoctors have several new bugs introduced regarding pathing of zombies, and more importantly zombie bears. They went from 2 primary inferno builds (zombie bears, splinters) to one (splinters) that was impacted by the IAS nerf.

    So when DH's say they now only do 20-30k damage... it makes me laugh.

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    ofc the monks needed to get nerfed

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