One(25man). Established back in the UO days. We have transfered from Blackrock horde to Frostmourne Alliance after 7 years where we were one of the original wow guilds made in 2004 on release day. During that time we have seen some good players and friends come and go but we have always maintained an excellent level of progression. Within the guild we sustain a good balance of having fun and serious raiding.

The raid team is diverse, with players of Australian, Asian and American descent. One is seeking raiders who have a positive attitude, who are able to work in a group situation cohesively and are able to display the required level of skill, raid output, (high) situational awareness on a CONSISTENT basis. Such raid performance characteristics are what the guild is looking for.Current Progression
Heroic rag down 6/11/2011
6/7HM 25s Pre Nerf.
Glory of the Firelands Raider - Complete


8/8HM 25 man Dragon Soul

Kill videos:

One is not suffering from raider shortage, however we are always looking for exceptional applicants from all classes and specs for Dragon Soul Hardmodes. See below for specifics.
In particular, we are in dire search of the following:

*Shadow Priest
*Resto Shammy
*Enhance shammy

Open recruitment for all other specs/classes - Professionals only.

- A very stable, progression focused guild
- Drama free Guild and Raid Environment
- Free Flasks
- Free Food
- Guild Repairs
- EPGP (Players are awarded standby Points whether in Raid or levelling an alt)

We expect our applicants to possess proficiency in their chosen class and know their role in a 25 man raid environment.

Loot System: EPGP

Raiding times:
Monday 6.30 - 10.30pm GMT +10 or server time.
Wednesday 6.30 - 10.30pm GMT +10 or server time.
Thursday 6.30- 10.30pm GMT +10 or server time.
Sunday 6.30 - 10.30pm GMT +10 or server time.

Guild information:

Application form: (direct link) Prior to applying please read the guild and loot rules.
A stable connection is ESSENTIAL!
For any further information contact Motelfxo, Local, Muleish or Izzyotta.

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Currently clearing DS in one night with multiple carries to build up gold stocks for big MoP push.