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    Quote Originally Posted by Ixuzcc View Post
    I just wanna say this, and this echoes the previous poster somewhat;

    Blizzard ruined the class the way YOU play it, right now. Not the entire class.

    With a little time, theorycrafting, yaddidada and so on and so forth, I'm sure there will be viable ways of playing DH again.
    glass canon os the only valid way to play DH no matter gear you will get 1shooted we tested everything pre patch and now after patch 2shoots(3if your lucky) so not much better but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenGage View Post
    Patch did hit DH pretty hard, but you should consider the idea that maybe you weren't meant to do act 4 with your current gear. If you got enough upgrades to get your DPS back up to par you should be fine again.

    Of course I realize that's not much consolation to any DHs out there. I do think the entire design of a 1-shot glass cannon class is pretty flawed, especially with higher repair bills now. Kind of hoping they address that in 1.1 before my DH hits 60 (and WDs too to a lesser degree).
    The problem is they decided to nearly cripple the DH class, instead of waiting for 1.1 when some of the class changes could very well have made the difference. It isn't any of the three major changes alone, but with all three combined that hurts us a lot.

    1) NT got nerfed pretty hard. It is now almost pointless to use. On normal mobs sure, it's fine but against elites, no chance. I couldn't even kill blue packs in act II with it.

    2) IAS was cut literally in half. I'm one of those who didn't even stack a lot it, and I still lost 0.4 attack speed, which amounts to over 10k DPS.

    3) The last nail on the coffin is the repair cost increase, which is something that nobody seems to understand. While trying out a few things in act II, I went and died a couple of times, my gear turned yellow, and was hit with ~22k repair costs. That is absolutely insane. I get it that they want to discourage graveyard zerging but this doesn't just hit DHs but all classes. Not to mention it means you literally aren't allow to die more than, maybe, twice or you're going make farming pointless.

    It's typical Blizzard really; they see that things need to be nerfed and instead of doing a careful, surgical fix they take the sledgehammer approach. Just whack the numbers around and see what happens. Maybe month or two down the line and they finally admit (if we're lucky) that maybe that nerf was just a tad... tiny bit over the top.
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    Fact of the matter is...
    1) DH is the squishiest class. We lack any long lasting defensive skills, and have zero passive defensive skills.
    2) DH damage is now balanced - other classes do as much or more damage than DHs.

    I really don't see the point in playing a DH atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    I really don't see the point in playing a DH atm.
    I feel this way too. I think I'll reroll to my barb and casually steamroll inferno A1/2 for some nice gear now with the increased drop rate...

    I really enjoyed DH's, but now with all the nerfs and rehauls it just feels like DK's in WOTLK all over again. Whenever I get used to playing something and get to like it, they nerf it.

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    Immortal build.... working as intended and won't be nerfed ?

    Alternative with Frost arrow and the same skill nerfed = OMG now we have some choices, so much diversity

    Is there something possible beside Elemental arrow... ? Nothing intended for Demonhunter, really ?

    I am tired with Blibli stupidity and design BS, ignorance, nonsense, and I am always choosing the bad horse, I guess .

    Always choosing the nerf path till everyone outgeared their crap => More transactions, low prices, better % on every operation. Marketing whore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by studkaw View Post
    Right after you I guess my humble replient.

    ---------- Post added 2012-06-20 at 09:12 AM ----------

    If there were any other viable options in return, yes.
    Getting vitality and resist (JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER FREAKING CLASS) is actually an viable option.
    No need to get butthurt just because you cant avoid getting defensive stats and kill bosses in less then 10secs anymore.

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    I'm sorry but DH really isn't ruined at all.

    The DH's I have spoken to whom have had success pre-patch and post-patch are still farming fine with similar builds, just a few adjustments. They have a noticeable drop in single target damage (not horrible mind you) but their AoE still remains strong. They even mentioned they feel that the nerf was warranted and finding other successful ways.

    DH have just been brought on par now. They were a step above every class prior to the fix, now they're on par if you can overcome the nerf and learn to adapt to different builds/playstyles.

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    Selling most of my DH gear. Got Nats ring/chest/boots all with pretty much the best rolls possible. PM! Been wanting to focus on Barb for HC for a while now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by studkaw View Post
    So 1.0.3 have ruined the Demonhunter class to oblivion.
    I'm at act4 Inferno. Pre patch you could not rely on survivvability but you could at least glass canon your way through content.
    But after all the nerfs:
    1) My damage is drastically deceased making it much longer to kill stuff which ultimately increase the risk of getting hit.
    AS nerf, NT nerf. damn thoose things ruined the dps.
    2) I'm still getting oneshotted by most mobs Oppessors, Corrupt Angles to name a few. Not to mention elites. And since Smoke screen is not long enough to kill mobs, due to point 1). I'm sure oneshotted.
    3) The repaircost have incresed to 4 or 5 times the original cost. In a combination with undodgable oneshotting REGULAR mobs, the repaircost for the most squishy class ingame makes it extremly undesireable to play.

    I cant describe my frustration in words. Way to go Blizzard. Ruining a whole class is a little too much tbh. If they going to wreck glass cannon DH, the least thing they could do is to give us a viable survival setup.
    Soooooo what your telling me is that Inferno now feels like impossible mode? That's good, cause that is the original intent of Inferno. Can't cry when they balance the game man. If you were walking around never taking damage and blowing things up in mere seconds, then apparently the class needed to be rebalanced to be more inline with Barbs WDs Mages and Monks.

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    I'm going to close this here.

    The class is fine, some mechanics have changed. That's not a reason to start doom & gloom threads full of hyperbole and constantly argue everyone down that they're wrong and only your idea can be right.

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