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    Weapons with MF / GF ?

    So, I'm currently building up my MF / GF set.
    I started wondering if there are any items with MF and/or GF?

    I know of:
    Manajuma's Ritual Cutter (WD only)
    The Three Hundredth Spear
    Blade of Prophecy
    Sun Keeper
    The Executioner
    The Sultan of Blinding Sand

    Of those, only the last one provides GF.

    Do you guys know of any other weapons (preferably 1-handers) with MF and/or GF?
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    The only other 1H I know of with MF is The Gidbinn, WD specific. Otherwise, I've never seen MF or GF on a weapon as a random modifier - don't believe it's possible to be rolled. So you're stuck with legendaries. I found a Blade of Prophecy, but much rather want a 1Hander as swapping between a 2Hander/1Hander with OH is really annoying for MF swapping.

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