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    Quote Originally Posted by manswtor View Post
    Seems like we are coming very close to end of beta, PTR soon :>
    Migration data for 5.0 's already up on the CDN servers actually :

    You should start to download this if you open the PTR launcher.

    If you're manually downloading those files they go under

    Wow PTR folder -> TempMig -> 5.0Migration-data

    No idea when they intend to open the PTR for MoP but the migration data's on the PTR background downloader. Has been since the 1st of the month actually.

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    Waiiit a second here.
    Holy paladin BUFFS? What's this world coming to?
    Funny enough, Obi Won told me that "these are not the buffs you are looking for". We've lost so much haste with the loss of DF and Judgments of the pure that the class feels almost unplayable.
    We do have some great spells, but everything seems to be a 2.4 second cast. Now I know it's all gear dependent, but I haven't seen huge upgrades in gear yet. Maybe it'll change after they open up raids...I do know a LOT of holy palys that are re-rolling due to the haste and mana nerfs we've been so graciously given.

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    is it just me or do those phoenixs look like they have something on thier back... a saddle perhapes

    also: PET_BATTLE_TRAP_ERR_6 - Your enemy pet is not caputurable. wanna say its spelled Capturable lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Connal View Post
    I'd never compare him to Hitler, Hitler was actually well educated, and by all accounts pretty intelligent.

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    im dumb and dont know how to interpret mmo-champion spell changes

    Blackout Kick (Windwalker) Kick with a blast of Chi energy, dealing (12 8 * (MainHand DPS + 50% of OffHand DPS + 7.1% of AP - 1)) to (12 8 * (MainHand DPS + 50% of OffHand DPS + 7.1% of AP + 1)) Physical damage.

    is that a nerf or a buff? does red = old numbers or new?

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    I'd be wary about the class changes. Things got split up without any reason for the split, and damage was nerfed for everyone. There may be some bugs here.

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    Anyone else feel that the female Pandaren child model's eyes are just a bit too big? Almost creepy/clown-like...

    Not to mention D3 Templar based/reference achivements:


    A Worthy Opponent (New) Defeat one of the powerful champions of the Pandarian races that wander the continent.
    Could We Find More Like That? (New) Defeat one of each type of Pandarian champion.
    Glorious! (New) Hunt down and defeat each and every one of the Pandarian champions.
    Heh, touche... I just hope they aren't as annoying (to complete) as the Templar is.
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    Oh hey "A worthy opponent" looks awsome since we didnt see one in cata

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    That pandaren phoenix, want now please.

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    Keep reading they update again soon

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    Holy paladin buffs? Well, thank you.

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    Dat Phoenix!
    Do Want!

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    Just what I always wanted. A diseases squirrel.

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    are rogues in a good place in MoP? i haven't been paying too much attention but it seems since they haven't altered them like at all in the passed couple of months, i guess they're fine? they looked weak in the few streams i watched a while back.

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    Holy strings changes, Batman...might we actually see Pet Battles unlocked with this build?

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    Love those new phoenixs especially the black/grey one and the green/black one

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    I have only one thing to say. If we do not get smelting ghost iron fixed I will start calling Blizz customer service and scream. I don't mean swear loudly, just scream.

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    Hmm, no more Hellscream's Fist or Wayward Landing in the new Jade Forest map....

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    I'm really intrigued/excited by the Disc Priest changes (and priest changes overall). Disc is great live, but missing too many abilities in beta making it a little boring. The additions listed sound great, and I'm looking forward to seeing them Thanks Blizz

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    Oh my god, I FUCKING LOVE Chen Stormstouts new badass model.

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    Oh good, I wasn't the only one to read the name of the Pandaria Explorer achievements and thing... SHUT UP YOU FREAKING TEMPLAR.

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