Hi guys, War here. If you're returning to Wow now because your setting yourself up for MoP and cant find yourself a solid group of keen, skilled players then keep reading.

The War Front is a guild of young lads who are interested in preparing for hard modes in the upcoming expansion. If your an aware player who feels they want to reach end game content but for whatever reason is having trouble with pugs or finding a stable raid group i'd seriously consider us as your new home. The core 5 raiders are friends have decided to run our own guild together. We're looking for players that have had success in raiding in the past to come on and learn the new expac with us. We're a friendly lot but when it comes to raiding, we kick the crap and get down to business.

Our Current Team
Tank - Blood DK - *Looking for Feral Druid with Tank OS(preferred), Ret Pally with Prot OS or Monk Enthusiast*

Healer - Resto Shaman *Need one Paladin healer and combination of either Resto Druid or Holy/Disc Priest*

Melee - Warrior and Rogue

Ranged - Mage - *Need a Hunter, warlock. boomkin, spriest*

The group combo we are using is purely the best one we can think of to maximise raid potential and even loot. But please, if you think you're a skilled player and are as passionate about wow as we are then drop me a line, my real ID is at the bottom of the page.

Our Raid times are as follows:

Monday - 7:30 AEST - 11
Wed - 7:30 AEST - 11
Thursday - 7:30 AEST - 11

These times are non negotiable.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to invest in the player who shares our vision. By the end of the expansion we hope to have two ten man teams clearing content. Before moving into 25's for MoP.

Aside from raiding we all enjoy arena and even have a Multi-boxer (of ele shamans) in the guild who is seting up a RBG group, so if your keen for PVP action then hit us up.

We would like to invite any player that matches the above discription to raid with us, or at the very least to contact me to have a chat.

A guild is more then a raid group. Its a group of friends you can spend hours in vent with, grind achievements, transmorg, professions, arena and rep together with. We play this game every day. Casually Elitist

Thanks for reading