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    [Mage/Monk reroll] LF 10m Guild pushing for US Top5 in MoP

    About Me

    Hello. My name is Brian. I am seventeen. I have been playing WoW since end of wrath. I went 6/7HM in firelands and 8/8HM in DS(March). My track record with kill dates hasn't been the best. I am having trouble finding a group of people with similar interests. I am looking for a group of members who do NOT have restricted schedules. THey are able to make beta testing, add extra raid days, schedule reallife around raiding, not vise versa. I know we will have scheduled raids, etc.. (Mon-Thur 7:30-11:30, etc..) But during front end progression if we need to add a day, I expect all members to be able to attend on short notice. I am currently not playing retail. I am not interested in touching dragon soul with a 100 foot pole ever again. I will be playing again the moment MOP hits live. I can raid 7 days a week, 230-11:30EST. I expect all members to be min/maxing themselves, watching kill videos, etc..

    PS: I know this doesn't tell you much ,it's only a paragraph. I really don't enjoy listing a bunch of useless details about myself. Contact me and ask me anything you see fit.

    PS x2: I don't mind if it's a new guild that isn't planning on raiding till mop.

    PS x3: I prefer 10m, but I could consider 25s..

    Skype - Chas3down <---- CONTACT ME HERE
    Email - [email protected] <--- If you don't have a skype.. WTF why not?
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