Hi Everyone,

Overachievers have been a level-based guild on Moonglade now for a few months.
We have cleared Vanilla content at level 60, Burning Crusade at level 70 and are now at the 80 cap and will begin raiding WotLK content on Sunday 1st July!

Currently we are lacking on a few classes and could really do with the following:

DK (Tank or DPS)
Fury/Arms Warrior

The only requirement to join at the moment is that your character is already level 80, or close to it so you will be ready to join raiding on the 1st of July.
We also will be interested in having any level 80's join us at the moment, however those with the class that we need for raiding will be prioritized.

Our plan for the near future is to have two 10 man teams raiding WotLK content. At the moment we have 1 team full and a second that's about 50% ready.

We will be raiding:

Naxxramas 10
VoA/OS10/Onyxia/EoE 10
Ulduar (With achievements and a separate run for Herald of Titans achievement)
ToC 10
ICC 10 (With achievement runs and maybe HC)

If you are interested in joining please first check out how to apply and look at guild rules here:


Thanks and hope to hear from you.