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    Quote Originally Posted by elira View Post
    how do you reset the serious wound stacks with only one tank (apart from bubble maybe which has 5min cd) or do they fall off during the deathray phase ?

    okay just rewatched sloots vod on durumu seems like unbreakable spirit (bubble cd reduce per holy power spent) does the trick between the natural fall off during deathray phase...

    but then it is only a 1tank encounter if you have a pally tank :-)

    makes me question my decision to reroll from pally to monk at the start of mop
    Can do it with hpal/ret with BoP too. At least on Horridon you can.

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    My first Rated Battleground PvP video in Season 13 - Windwalker Monk. I left the voice comm audio on due to several requests.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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    Looking for more MW videos!

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    Tortos HM 10 brewmaster pov (kiting bats)

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    Jikun HM 10 brewmaster pov

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    Heroic Ji-Kun

    Had to play brewmaster since one of our tanks had to go out of town :'(

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    Mistweaver Fistweaving Arena 2v2

    My Arena partner lent me his footage this week from our Monk 2v2 - so from his point of view he's doing some Mistweaver Fistweaving. Keep in mind Kushia damaged his hand, but my Arena partner is not letting me down!

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    Heroic Primordius

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    <A> For Science 25m ToES livestream

    Steaming "For Science" ToES 25m. Ruvurongtime Fistweaver. #fistweaver #worldofwarcraft #mistweaver

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    horridon 10 hm BM pov

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    25H Tortos - Brewmaster

    25H Ji-Kun - Brewmaster

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    <A> For Science 10m ToES

    Steaming "For Science" ToES 10m. Ruvurongtime Fistweaver. #fistweaver #worldofwarcraft #mistweaver

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    Mistweaver VS Heroic Council of Elders. Lot of fun, lot of DPS at start, enjoy
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    MW 3v3 Arena

    More videos of both WW and MW monk arenas on my youtube channel.
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    Here's a few from our mistweaver's point of view (will only embed one to reduce clutter, rest as links).

    Lorekeepers vs Sha of Fear 25 hc:

    Protectors of the Endless 25 hc

    Tsulong 25 hc

    Jin'rokh the Breaker 25 hc

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    Normally playing MW but was kiting as BM on 25 man Tortos hc. Its a really simple fight with a nice easy too meet enrage timer.

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    Megaera Heroic 25 man Throne of Thunder - Windwalker POV

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