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    If anyone is interested in Mistweaver PoV videos I've got several on my youtube page. Ranging from a few Gold Challenge runs and most all of my 25 man heroic kills and the first 3 bosses from Heart of Fear (25 Man) that I did earlier tonight. I will post my latest one being Garalon, I think I finished with 139k ehps. No need for me to spam a whole bunch of videos. MoP Playlist Here

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    H Garajal + Normal HoF WW/Brew monk.

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    Streaming our first guild raid right now. Windwalker PoV

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    I pretty much do the recording for the guild... - 10 man semi-hardcore. Mainspec Brewmaster / Altspec Windwalker.

    So far we have 2/6 heroic down in Vaults, and 2/6 normal HoF but we only raid 9-12~ hours a week (3 hours a night, 3-4 nights a week).

    I'll be uploading heroic fights soon(TM) and more as we progress onwards.

    Forum MSG me if you have any queries, as I'll probably forget about this thread after I go to sleep.

    Elegon Norm:

    Will of the Emperor Norm:
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    I still cant post vids, in a while I guess.

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    Here's our 10 man Garalon kill. Had our resto shammy missing and pugged a healer. Let me tell you, healing that fight with 2 paladins made it VERY difficult, but at the same time extremely fun. 85k HPS baby!

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    Here's my guild downing Lord Blade Ta'yak. Wind Walker PoV.

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    Moin moin,

    Here is our Elegon Heroic Kill PoV MW


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    Wind Lord Mel'jarak (10N) Mistweaver PoV, nothing fancy.

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    HEROIC Will of the Emperor (10-man) - Brewmaster Monk POV - Zumzar

    Thread about this encounter:

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    The quality is full HD on youtube.

    Mistweaver, 25m

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    Zumzar i was wondering if you could tell me how you got your elusive brew to show up that way on your tell me when addon. i can only get the square to show stacks and not the duration of the actual dodge buff.

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    Made this video a few weeks back, purposed to show the Devastating Arc (noticed some have a hard time determining where it will land) and some Monk dodging to gain Devastating Combo on the Will of the Emperor encounter.

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    This is my first montage, its purpose is to show you what a Windwalker Monk can do and their mobility. As I've stated previously, I do not claim to be a great PvP player, but I like it as a fun thing to do on the side of PvE. I hope you enjoy this video.

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    Mistweaver PoV of Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Heroic 25 man

    Hope it helps some of you monks out there!

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    What raid frames are you using please?

    Awesome vid.

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    Thanks mate It's Vuhdu - a pain to setup but defo worth it.

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    Blade lord Ta'jak normal mode 10man / Mistweaver PoV

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