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    Soloing and Pvp

    Hello All,
    I am planning on resubing to Wow, and I want to relvl a class that can solo old content and is decent at PVP.
    I have narrowed down my choices to Monk or DK. I am leaning toward Monk, and I would love some
    input on Monk Soloing and Monk Pvp. Could I get some feedback about Monk pvp and soloing old content.

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    Posts like this always come down to "try them out" "play what you want to play" "no one can tell you what you'd enjoy", etc then a mod comes in and locks it. There is a full thread about soloing old content and several about monk PvP, I'd check those out in the case that this is locked.
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    Do a forum search on PvP. There are plenty of threads out there that talk about PvP for WW and MW. Good luck with your decision. In the end, what you want to play for soloing old content or PvP is all about personal taste. Level up a Monk, gear it in timeless isle gear. That should get you a high enough ilvl to solo most old content. PvP gear is easy to come by just from doing BGs or arenas.

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    These people aren't being really helpful. Let me try.

    First of I played monk all through MoP and currently got 50 days in-game time and I do all kinds of content. I'm 568 PvE ilvl and 550 in PvP.

    soloing: we are AMAZING at soloing. Our healing is really high, our tigereye brew (when you use the chi brew talent or when you spend 4 chi you get 1-2 tigereye brew stacks, with a max of 20). This increased our damage AND healing done by 60% so you usually get full hp in a few seconds while having these stacks popped. You can solo most content as WW due to the amazing healing. Some mobs/bosses are still quite hard for WW. In that case you can go brewmaster. For example I go BM when soloing zandalari warbringers but I solo heroic 25m lich king as WW. Brewmaster damage is also pretty damn high. You also don't need other gear for BM since WW and BM share the same stats.

    PvP: Monks are amazing solo classes like I said. This also applies to PvP. The general rule is that the more people you team up with, the worse monk gets. I'll narrow it down to all the different pvp scenarios.

    duelling: We are probably the best duelling class there is next to demo locks who no one plays anyway. We got amazing mobility, good cc, dmg and healing.
    random bgs: Well, everyone rapes with 550 ilvl. But out of all my classes, I had the biggest plays as monk. For example 2 days ago in twin peaks. 10/10 duel class!

    I was carrying the flag into our base alone without any help. A lock managed to pick up our flag a second before I could cap mine and win the game (it was a 2/2 score). I engaged the lock and the lock engaged me (he was fully geared). While fighting him, a warrior, hunter and shadow priest attacked me while I was attacking the warlock fc. Managed to kill the warlock with 4 people on me, capped the flag and won the game. Plays like these are probably only possible as a monk!

    RBG: Monks, like most melees, aren't desired in RBG UNLESS they carry the flag. You see, we have a warlock portal, only slightly different. it's so amazing to put your portal on the roof of WSG, walk all the way down just above the friendly graveyard. Let them come to you and wooooop!! teleport to the roof of WSG. They will be puzzled and come to the roof after a while, winning you precious time. When they get to the roof, you can just teleport back to above the graveyard where you first teleported! (its a 25 sec cd and the portal switches locations (diff from lock portal). You should youtube this. It's amazing!

    2v2: Here we are really good again. Especially teamed with a resto druid or Hpriest. Double dps works well too (Spriest,hunter) Overall a 8,5/10

    3v3 and 5v5: Here we start to fall off. Just as I said, more teamplayers = less viable monk. We start to get "squishy" when our karma falls off. You can easily kill many ppl solo as monk but sadly not in coordinated gameplay where people have a brain.

    about DK: I mained DK in cata and god damn it they are some boring easy piece of shit class. Just my opinion.

    Go monk and get hella lots of fun! I warn you tho, monk can be really slow going at low levels but you have a daily quest that gives you 100% increased xp for an hour. You also get this quest every 10 levels on top of the daily

    GL and have fun!

    If you need help or just a few questions, feel free to add me on real_id. Navitas#2471

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstalkerr View Post
    These people aren't being really helpful. Let me try.
    i'll be honest, i was gonna try saying something constructive, but my thoughts about monks are pretty well summed up here, so read it twice and pretend my name is on the second one...

    edit: if you're planning to do WW and BrM, level as BrM, at least at early levels. WW leveling is a fair bit slower, and BrM has a pretty decent ranged pull to make things easier.

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