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    If I was Letterman I would have slammed my head on my desk like 5th times after he said "The Sixteenth Chapel".

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    Well, I don't know how popular European culture is in North America, but I can forgive Justin for not knowing that there is the Sistine Chapel and to understand 16th one. THough his facial expression, when he didn't get it was priceless^^
    And the disrobing part is maybe more the "what the fuck?" reaction, but whatever.
    The German one was really unforgivable xD
    I don't know about people in North America, but I guess, that education about the nationalsozialism in Germany and the Holocaust is compulsary for almost every student in the world, as it is somehow the most deterrent (or at least the most popular) example for a twisted ideology leading the world into a WW.

    (Though I don't think, that the stereotype of the dancing, beer drinking Bavarian wearing lederhosen is any better :-) )

    His general knowledge really could be better. His (un)popularity reminds me of Tokio Hotel in Germany a few years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalyyn View Post
    You know what? I know people who would have no clue what a chapel is, let alone the Sistine Chapel. But I am dumbfounded that somebody in the first world has not heard of Germany. What the frack.
    He's clearly a ninteenth century soldier who has travelled forward in time. To him it is Prussia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jogojin View Post
    His (un)popularity reminds me of Tokio Hotel in Germany a few years ago.
    Thank goodness they seem to be gone xD

    Who knows, maybe it's just some adulthood thing, as soon as such teenage stars are out of their teens, they are forgotten by the majority of the people and only sometimes resurface in some crappy shows together with other B or C movie "starlets" and ex-casting-show-winners from 5 seasons back.

    One can always dream...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mynta Vali Daseriu View Post
    You don't have to be a 65 year old broadcaster to know what the Sistine Chapel is. Disrobing, I'll give you, though it's rather obvious if you take a second to think about it. Him not knowing what German means is just a fail, though.
    Sixteenth and Sistine are very close phonologically. One can know what the Sistine chapel is without pronouncing it right.
    Quote Originally Posted by Espe View Post
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