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    pick me pick me. i'm unemployed atm and this would be a great time filler

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    Dammit might be too late but worth a shot, would love some beta action!

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    I would like to get a key, really excited about MoP!!! Thanks Good luck to ALL...

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    I would love a beta key!

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    Like I said before how many of these people are making new accounts just to up their chances at getting this key?

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    Potential beta key?! I'd be up for one.

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    Beta key would be nice!

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    Id like the beta key really bad, I would love to try the new game
    Id really appreciate it ^_^


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    I really hope I can get my hands on a beta key, I don't even know which thread I posted on...hopefully this isn't my 2nd post, I don't wanna be DQ'd. Savor me, MMO.

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    I would love a beta key. So I can see if I hate the black market AH as much as I think I will. If I do, then I shall just ask GC, Do you even lift bro?

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    Beta key for raid testing pls!

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    I loove the beta keyz!!!

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    I don't know if I am to late but I hope not... Please pick me

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    Beta key please !!! I loves you

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    Beta key hehe :d

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    Thanks for participating! The winners will be notified within the next few days.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    We're not announcing them in public to avoid harassment/people trying to get their passwords/any of the stupid problems we had in the past.
    Want to talk about the news? This is the thread for that!
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