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    Question Assistance Request: Please help me fix my DPS

    Good day MMO-Champion community.

    Long time reader, first time asking for help. I've been playing a mage since day 1 of Vanilla and have never had a problem with my DPS until now. For the life of me I can't figure out what has changed between topping meters in Firelands to barely making the half mark in 25H Dragon Soul except for a guild change. I'm beginning to think that I was always mediocre and have just started playing with folks much better at the game than I. I have attached a link to my armory and most recent WoL parse. I would appreciate any suggestions.



    Sorry, I don't have URL perks yet

    A couple of things:

    I have a heroic Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor equipped but always use a Heroic Insignia of the Corrupted Mind in raids.
    I would say at this point, DTR is unattainable for me as with the release of Diablo 3, most of my guild is unwilling to spend time in Firelands. I'm only on Delegation so it's not as if two or three more runs would make a difference.
    I know my armory will say that I'm missing a JC gem. I had a brain fart after obtaining my latest item and forgot about those. I will fix this as soon as I log in.
    I'm not using epic gems in my boots or 397 ring

    I would like to thank everyone in advance for their suggestions and hopefully with the knowledge I earn here, my guild master will get off my back.



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    There are couple of minor things that you need to take into account when analyzing your dps against others. 1. You have no legendary staff. This plays a huge role in your damage and is easily a 5-6k increase in damage. I'd imagine at this point you are one of the few casters that does not have it in your guild. The fact that the legendary has become commonplace among casters (You get a legendary, you get a legendary, You get a legendary! EVERYBODY GETS LEGENDARIES!) is in itself a bad thing which I've heard that Blizzard has done some balancing actually around the legendary. With the 10% extra strength that Melee got this patch, this leaves non-legendary caster dps far behind most classes at this point. 2. I'm sure that you know this by now, but Fire is a very RNG based spec. One should expect to vary quite greatly on certain fights where most classes have a happy medium.

    While both of those have their place in deciding what the "problem" is I'd suggest just looking back over what you think you are doing wrong. Compare it against different logs, videos, and obviously talk to the other mages on your server/in your guild to find out some tips for the fight mechanics.

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    The proc of the Legandary staff averages about 4% of my dps, can be as high as 6% or as low as 2% depending on RNG.

    Looking at your gear, perhaps you can try a bit more mastery over the haste.... Mastery isnt that bad once you get to those high haste levels.

    Comparing to the other fire mage on Ultraxion you got off 9 less Fire balls all crits too, 450k damage less. as well as the ~200k ignite missing.
    4 less Pyro! 200k
    While that certainly plays a part, you are also missing a whole 500k on ignite damage... RNG was not kind to you either.

    It is probably hiding in small little things, why not talk to your fellow fire mage?

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