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    [MoP] Please help me choose RDPS class


    As the title says, would anyone with MoP access recommend which of these RDPS class will most likely do well in Arena and RBG.

    I dislike pet management so I wont roll a spec/class with pet in it. So far I've these classes and wondering which one I should focus on. I like the playstyles of all of them, but I like getting more for less effort even better. Let's just say I'm not the most coordinated and not a good player, thus I'd like to give myself the best chance to do well in PvP.

    Elemental Shaman
    I like the burst. GW is also nice for flag capping. Relatively simple to play.
    However on live, I run oom too fast too often. There's no Dispersion, Shadowfiend, Evocation, Innvervate, Mana Gem etc to get mana quickly. The OOM factor is a huge dislike currently.

    Shadow Priest
    Really nice class with a combination of dots and DD, plus some burst (Archangel, trinket, line up spells properly) can do massive damagae. Mass Dispel is nice.
    I'd say the downside is the vulnerability against melee classes. And the tons of buttons you need to manage in order to do well.

    Fire Mage
    Pyro + LB + Orb + Ignite + Combustion + FB = delicious DPS. With nova, cone, block and blink, currently Mage is the best in terms of result/effort.
    I prefer the on-demand burst from Shaman better, but each class is unique I guess.

    Balance Druid
    Like shaman, burst with Travel Form. There's more utilities with druid, but also comes with more button managements and macro. Overall wanted in RBG, which is a definite plus.

    Okay that's it... out of these 4 specs, which would have the highest result/effort ratio? ^_^

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    Elemental shaman are REALLY strong burst potential currently with ascendance taking the cooldown off of lava burst. with RBGs, you won't be touching the flag though. So don't count on GW or travel form helping you in that department.

    Shadow priest is changing around entirely. Vampiric Touch ticks like a little girl, and DP is your shadow orb spender, so you can't multi dot well at all. They're becoming less of a dot class, more of a class that uses dots to fuel it's direct damage, similar to DKs.

    Fire mage is losing alot of it's huge burst potential with combust being a 45 second CD and lower damage to compensate, but it's becoming alot more consistent with it's procs. My mate can reliably get pyroblast procs QUITE often. Cone's losing it's root by the way, and blast wave is tied to a cast timed flamestrike, so expect to have a few kiting problems.

    Balance druid is changing it's game entirely as well. It's going from a dot oriented, starfall on CD aoe hero spec back to casted burst like it used to be. With the removal of insect swarm, they really took a hit in their raw damage department, which is why they were loved in RBGs.

    TL;DR Ele shaman and fire mage are the two in the best standing out of the ones you've listed. If you're into the whole multi dot hero situation, you should give warlock another glance however. Pet management isn't that huge of a deal, and they're standing strong as multi dot heroes.

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    I know you said you're not too keen on pets, but I'd really recommend you take a second look at Warlocks. On live some of their specs are like sitting into the seat of a space shuttle with all the buttons, macros, and other things, but come-MoP they are getting a significant overhaul that gives each of their specs a really good streamlining. Unless you are at the pinnacle of PvP, you really don't need to micromanage pets, either. For Felhunters, you can simply make a macro that casts their Spell-Lock on your target and it's just like having a ranged interrupt.

    Pet twisting I think gave a lot of people a foul taste in their mouth, but with that gone the Warlock pet concerns will just be 1) is my pet alive? and 2) is it on the right target. Both can be solved with single button presses (or even macroed into your existing abilities).

    I say this because Warlock offers three rather different ways of playing in MoP each with its own distinct flavors, burst, dot-proficiency, etc.

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    Honestly I'm not into multi-dotting.

    My best geared 85 is actually a warlock. I absolutely love Warlock for arenas. However for BG (normal BG, which I play 80% of the time), I get tired of tab dot tab dot tab dot. There's something satisfying and gratifying seeing huge numbers pop from your spells, and warlock does not give that. However I'm keeping my options open so if warlock is really in a good spot in MoP, why not =D

    It sucks to hear about the changes to moonkin.. but which class/specs I listed would be most wanted for RBGs you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldcell View Post
    Honestly I'm not into multi-dotting.
    Well of the classes you listed, only elemental shaman don't multi-dot in a RBG setting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xista View Post
    Well of the classes you listed, only elemental shaman don't multi-dot in a RBG setting.
    I mean I dont like to multi-dot as the primary job.

    For example a Shaman should multi-Flame Shock for the Lavasurge proc.
    A mage can only multi-dot up to 3 LBs
    A warlock has to multi-dot everything everyone

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    A problem with those classes and specs you listed is that they might be shit the whole next expansion knowing Blizzard and they are then really hard to play well if they are underpowered. Currently all of those are ok, but you really shouldn't choose your class looking at their situation right now, instead you should look how it is going to be in mop. I got the mop beta but i haven't really played it so I don't know how those classes got it there currently.

    Ele shamans were terrible in the beginning of cata and got slightly better towards the end. They were godlike in the end of wotlk but it seems that they are most of the time quite underpowered. In wotlk they were easy, right now I think it's pretty hard to play them well.

    Shadow priests are quite fun imo and it's not so hard to play them to a decent rating (~2,2k). It's anyway hard to master them and it's a class with much utility and fun mechanics. They have been in a quite good balance lately, though right now they are almost only good in shadowplay.

    Fire mages haven't really been good ever on arena and they haven't fit in the usual comps. Tbh they haven't ever been so good in 3v3 as they are now in s11 and I doubt they are so good in mop. They are fun imo, but not a safe choice if you don't want to work a lot for your rating.

    Boomkins are quite fun and they have had lately at least 1-2 good comps almost every season. Currently LSD 2.0 is a very good comp and right now they are very easy to play to very high ratings if you got good partners, they only thing you have to do is to multidot well, even good cycloning and solar beaming isn't so necessary right now at least if you play LSD 2.0. Boomkins might be very good in mop as well since the new talents druids are getting seem good.

    If I were you I would choose boomkin/sp>ele shaman> fire mage. Fire mages last since they haven't really ever been good in 3v3 as I said. But it's a good pick if you want a nice challenge.

    TL;DR: Shadow priest is the safest pick looking at the earlier seasons, boomkins might have a good time in mop. Ele shaman might be a bit unsafe pick and fire mages wont be most likely so good in mop as they haven't been good before except this season. Boomkins are probably the easiest, but if they overbuff ele shamans they become the easiest. Fire mages are the hardest imo.

    P.S. You could really consider to roll a warlock since that class has never been underpowered on arena, and it's probably never going to be, so it's a safe pick at least. Affliction might be a bit boring though, since many locks I know don't really like it, instead they would like destro or why not even demo to come back.

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