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    Quote Originally Posted by Reakash View Post legit stuff, just some basic flash games, nothing too violent.

    and how is Portal a nonviolent game? Robots try to shoot you the entire time, and gladis is always trying to get you killed >.<
    Well, it's more about the puzzles and the humor for me. There IS some violence, but, to my eyes, it's overshadowed by...just about everything else. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Creamy Flames View Post
    So I was hoping to get some tips on non-violent games, like indie games, side-scrollers, adventure games, management games or RTS games like The Settlers would also be fun.
    The Sims is good as is Sim City. If you enjoy racing games Forza (Xbox 360) and Gran Turismo (PS3) are good. I like a lot of Tycoon series, they can be fun and non violent.

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    Blocks that matter
    And yet it moves
    Puzzle Agent 1 & 2
    Sonic Generations
    Toki Tori
    Super Meat boy
    World of Goo

    Those are a select few from my steam library.

    I would also urge you to try Bastion.

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    The lack of Botanicula in this thread makes me sad

    Bastion, Audiosurf and Warlock:Master of the Arcane would be a few I'd suggest

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    depends on how much "non-violence" you want. Nintendo tends to have many "non-violent" games (I don't consider mario or sonic violent, even though you do destroy enemies). Other than that it sounds like what you want is generally puzzle games, so maybe Portal would be a good choice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hksin11186 View Post
    This isn't out yet, but when it is get ready for a mind bender not seen since Portal.

    That's what I'm talking about. More brain games!

    Now that I think about it, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is on the way as well.

    Let me stress though, I'm asking for PC games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistuhbull View Post
    Reccetear. The main focus of the game is running an item store in an RPG (like, you're Jo The Shopkeep in FFWhatever). There is dungeon crawling to find items to sell, but its cutsey violent

    Quantum Conumdrum. Quantum Conundrum is a first-person action video game by Airtight Games and published by Square Enix.[3] It is designed by Kim Swift, who formerly worked at Valve as a lead designer on Portal.

    Both of which are available on steam, there is even a demo of Reccetear there

    JRPG's are not my type of game. I really don't like them at all. They're often way too shallow and stereotypic for me.

    Cuantum Conundrum on the other hand is a good one, I had forgotten about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    Some non-combat games...

    And Yet It Moves
    Bit.Trip Runner
    Cave Story
    Crayon Physics
    Super Meat Boy
    Civ 5 (sorta?)
    Plants vs. Zombies
    Anno 2070

    Yeah, they're pretty much all indie games : /

    I think I didn't double up on anything that people have already suggested. There are a lot of good ones, but violent games far outweigh non-violent games usually.

    What if we stretch my request a bit? Let's make it games that aren't some greyish, dull FPS were you just shoot people and little else.

    Trine and Trine 2 aren't really non-violent either but I wouldn't call them violent either, as the game itself doesn't focus around killing.
    Just as CIV 5 doesn't really focus around killing either, so I wouldn't call it violent either. I do have it as well.

    Amnesia is a great production but I'm really terrible with horror games

    I had a look on Steam and found the sequel to The Longest Journey, so I'm gonna try that. I bought and LOVED the first one. Not entirely free from violence, but not it's main focus either, being a puzzle/adventure game.

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    Catherine, Journey. Perhaps you may want some of the Monkey Island games that are on Steam.
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    Gary's Mod if you can find a server that suits you.
    Super MNC- Third person, online, team shooter. There is 0 gore.
    Orcs Must Die! Silly and cartoonishly violent.
    Any of the Dirt games

    Or you could just buy a Wii or a Gamecube and then any game :P

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    I could only recommend sports or racing games.

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    DC Universe online is fun while leveling. At level 30 (max level) it becomes terrible. They want you to buy all these separate 15 dollar DLCs and buying gear takes forever (worse than wow). They give you basic level 30 pvp/pve gear for in game cash, but the premium stuff just overpowers it so at level 30 its basically pay to win
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    Someone has voted for other, would be nice if they specified what 'other' was. XP

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    Very curious about the Marvel Universe game that is coming out. I played City of Heroes back in the day briefly... but it was lack luster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeonde View Post
    Very curious about the Marvel Universe game that is coming out. I played City of Heroes back in the day briefly... but it was lack luster.
    you mean the one that is diablo but with super heroes?

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    DCUO is a lot of fun while leveling. It's especially good if you like the DC characters and universe. Nothing quite like teaming up with your favorite hero or villain to kick some ass, and they throw you into some pretty cool stuff right from the intro. The character customization is pretty good, and you get to select a mentor for your hero at character creation. For heroes you can choose from Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and for villains you get Lex Luthor, The Joker, or Circe. And you get to kick ass and blow stuff up with your mentor pretty much right away.

    Personally, I like DC quite a bit, and this game does a pretty good job of immersing you in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurcus View Post
    DCUO is a lot of fun while leveling.
    Honestly, DCUO is probably the most fun I've had leveling in a MMO. Ever. I remember playing the living hell out of it for a while right after the transition and having an absolute blast the whole time. They just nailed it IMO. Can't say I'm too much of a fan of the game at level cap, but the leveling experience was totally worth downloading the game for.

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    Level cap at DCUO is "Grindy" and Forced. STILL have a lot of Fun.
    Specially if you pay the legendary subscription. Totally worth it.

    The greatest problem in DCUO is that it's EXTREMELY dependent of reliable friends that create teams to do the daily chores. Some fights are confusing and complicated, and people you can trust and count on is what make it rewarding. To try to organize random players on successfully achieving the goals is overly too complicated.

    And I have to agree. Any side, any mentor, the leveling experience is WAY WAY cool. And game mechanics are fun.

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    I gotta say, hands down DCUO gets my vote, at least if your looking for short term gameplay. long term, i dont know... It really depends on if you are going to pay the sub or play for free. Champions Online ( last i played was when it wasnt F2P hybrid) had a little more edge customization wise simply because of the way you could change the launch point of some of your attacks. You could place a beam from your hand on your chest or forehead etc.

    DCUO however, is visually better ( although i do love the art style of champs) and has a more established and easier to get into background. Chances are you have heard of Black canary, cat woman etc. Champions is based on a much "smaller" universe. Its story and characters are harder to get into because of that, and it makes you wonder why you should care. You won't (typically) inherantly know fox bat, grond, or mind slayer, iron clad, defender, etc. because they only previously existed in the form of 1980's rpg.

    Worst case scenario, try both and decide which you like and how much money you would be willing to put into it as you go

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    Bit more thought, I've decided to go purely F2P here. I've never been much of a fan of DC but I do know the characters, and I do enjoy great customisation. Just I heard a few niggles about the level cap, the 'console-ification' aspects and limited character creation.

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    dcuo is worth downloading just to run around jumping with super speed

    altho I can't play it, I constantly lose connection/sync to the server, it's the only thing I have ever had that problem with, went throu a lot of customer support but it never got solved

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    I had a crapton of fun running around Gothom City finding the Lore bits and stumbling over events and whatnot. I did buy the Lightning XPac because I liked the ability loadout and graphics (and I was having enough fun to justify spending $10 with them). I never made it to max level, and I just sorta started playing other things more, but the game is definitely fun and worth a try. The level of customization needs to be commended because one thing most MMO's don't get is that every person wants to look the way they want. DCUO let you do this by giving all sorts of equipment looks, and keeping stats seperate from the cosmetic apparel. Personally I enjoyed running around in Jeans, Sneakers, Fingerless Gloves, a Black Tee-Shirt, and a Domino Mask. And I saw so many different other player looks that I never once saw 2 people look alike.

    Also, as for movement types, Flying is by far the easiest, but I personally LOVE Acrobatics.

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