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    This is why we need a good ol' fashion apocalypse. Humanity needs a reset button of biblical proportions. They wanted a refund ... are you f*cking kidding me?! What a bunch of children! They should be thankful the game was even released in their territory. I mean Jesus Christ, how entitled do you have to feel when you're demanding refunds for server issues from an ONLINE GAME?! Did they miss the memo?? I would think the term "online required" had some inherent implications that these people would understand by this point, but no. No, they'd rather rage and whine like they always do because it's just another 'cause' for them to get behind in cyberspace.

    Oh, and to hell with 'blizz should have known' and all that BS, too, because no one on this planet is perfect and even Blizz f*cks up once and a while. Stay calm, go make some cereal, watch youtube, whatever. Just chill for a bit and things will work themselves out. I swear, if it's one thing I've grown to hate over these last 8 years it's the Blizzard fan base and their unwavering adolescent behavior. I've never come across a more bratty group of people and I doubt I ever will. ... Actually, Bioware fanboys/girls are pretty damn bad, too.
    LOL. I think you've been taking it from big business for too long. A bit of Stockholm syndrome if you will.

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    Guys for ~$100 you have a PC which conforms to the minimum requirements. For $200 you could get one which conforms to the recommended. For ~$400 you can have a PC which will run Wow until the next expansion. These requirements are the same as high games had 5 years ago, literally. If you're a gamer, prepare to spend some money on a gaming rig every once in a while. Or do you expect Wow to still run in a Pentium III?
    Another LOL-inducing post. Show us where we can get such a PC for $100/$200/$400.

    There's a post up there that points out that the requirements are very misleading because it does not seem to account for large PVE raids.

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    guess i rly need to upgrade my pc

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