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    I can't play Shadow properly?

    Hey guys, posting this topic because my Shadow Priest performance is less then poor.

    I was doing Madness in Looking for Raid and I was 18th with 35832.2 DPS. That is quite appauling. As far as I know, I have all of my gear gemmed properly, and enchanted as well. Using Inner Fire, and using the following rotation/priority

    Opener - Devouring Plague - Shadow Word: Pain - Vampiric Touch - Mind Blast - Mind Flay x 2 - Shadow Word: Death
    Then VT > DP > MB > SW > MF > SW:P

    This is my character

    If anyone could suggest changes, spec, rotation etc I would appreciate it a lot.

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    Rather curious: Why are you using Shadow Word: Death so much? Aside from during the execute range, it really shouldn't be used that much.
    Also, why is SW:P in your cast list? As an opener it's okay, but why have to recast it?
    Helm is unenchanted. But that wouldn't make up too much issue. Boot gem could probably be 40 Int instead of the hybrid gem; 10 crit isn't that major.
    I'd think going with VT - SW: Pain would be a better second-third for the opener.
    Mind Blast should be cast on cooldown. As soon as you have empowered Shadows, recast VT and DP (regardless of their duration). Also best to make sure you have a 5stack of Evangelism when you recast them.
    Talents and glyphs appear to be okay. Gear is otherwise okay. So it's really just a rotation thing.
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    You're a little high on hit, but that wouldn't make that big (comparatively) of a difference. But your rotation does.

    Shadow Word: Death shouldn't be used before execute phase, unless you're unable to spam Plague while moving. After your opener, Mind Blast should be used on cooldown. DoTs after, Mind Flay when none of the above is up.

    For everything else, look to our stickied thread:
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