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    Installing ElvUI?!

    As some know, ElvUI and TukUI are no longer available on Curse.com or the Curse Client.

    I have downloaded the package .zip file from the tukui website and now I cannot figure out what the heck I have to do to get ElvUI installed!

    I have tried copy/pasting the files into the AddOn folder in my usual WoW directory, but it does not seem to work... at all. Once I log in there isn't even an option for AddOns. What am I doing wrong?

    I checked the forums on Tukui.com, but all I see are "lol just follow the installer window on login, nub LAWL!" (obviously that's wildly exaggerated). It seems I have chosen a terrible time to try ElvUI?
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    Worked fine for me or goto there download page and get there installer and it will install and update automatic as if you had thee curse client.

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    But that requires that I register on the website, which I am not interested in doing.

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    I just extracted the download to my Interface/Addons folder and it worked fine. This was like less than a week ago.

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    That's odd I've never used a third-party program to install my addons, and I've been using tuk for a year or two :S
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    scroll down and download the client, install it, then install elvui, all automaticly nice way to be updated to.

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    UPDATE! It seems that it has suddenly decided to start working for some unknown reason. I don't know what was wrong before. I didn't move any files, just kept logging out and back in again, and it suddenly worked.

    Thanks anyway!

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    scroll down and download the client, install it, then install elvui, all automaticly nice way to be updated to.
    Except he said he doesn't want to register.

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    I downloaded and installed elvui on saturday so I know it should work fine.
    Sounds like you copied the folders within the elvui folder into the addons folder instead of just putting the whole Elvui folder in there.

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    If its not in the list make sure you installed in IN the AddOn Folder, also make sure you didn't accidentally install it inside a different addons folder.

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    i have the same problem, only i downloaded the client and clicked the "install elvui" button. uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times, including manually. no popup window, nothing in my addons folder. i would like to note that deadly boss mobs is like this for me as well, but i can access it through chat via typing /dbm. is there anyways to open this addon in chat?

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    /ec will open ElvUI if it's enabled.

    Make sure you've set the client to install to the correct folder.

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    that was the problem, it didn't prompt for it so i thought it was fine. thanks for the help

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