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    GW2 Hype: Not all is as good as it seems!

    Yes the title is bit over dramatic, but it will attract more people :P

    ALL the following points are based on my PvP experience, and i posted this in a another forum, but the discussion died really fast so i decided to post it here again.

    there's so much PvE a guy can stand before it becomes dull and boring, thats when i decide to check out the sPvP side of this game, and then the game starts to fail me big time (again over dramatic), and as im not very good at writing essays ill just make bullet points of the big problems the PvP side of this games faces that NO ONE ever talks over in the gaming sites, so here it goes:

    1. FoV, is really bad in this game, it seems im playing CoD in a console, and really makes my eyes bleed, no option to change

    2. Auto-facing, this is a mechanic to help bad players continue to be bad, and exaggerates the gaps between melee and ranged, and kitting becomes as trivial as Kite > stop > cast (autoface) > Kite, is really important to mention that autofacing only work if u not moving, so circle strafing as melee becomes non-effective against bad ranged players cause they will not move, and melee can never get on their backs

    3. Glory bags, a copy past of the first live iteration of SWTOR PvP bags, RNG drops, while in BW1 you could choose what u wanted to get.

    4. Tier Traits, totally destroying players freedom, for the sake of .... well nothing, this system is teh same as the old WoW Talent trees just in a different flavours, i didnt see the problem of players having the same build in BW1 because like that at least everyone was on the same level and skill would overcome, now we still have the cookie-cutter builds over all classes BUT the initial freedom and possible creativity of expert gamers is taken away.

    5. Poor UI display for Buffs / Debuffs, yes Anet wants us to look at the action instead of the UI elements but lets be realistic, the amount of spell effects in this game is so great that your safest bet to know what's going on is looking at the buff/debuff bar, that is really in the worst place possible

    6. Down state, this is serious great favouring some classes to great advantage.

    7. Auto-Queued Skills, seriously hindering responsiveness from players with good ping, and no option to change it or toggle it

    So my question is:

    Do you think im nitpicking stuff to complain about, or all my points above really seriously affect the sPvP side of this great game?

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    I totally agree on most of the stuff you mentioned. I was totally hyped by GW2 until I played 2 beta weekends myself. I wish I could cancel my preorder now. Thankfully I have Tera now.

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    1. I'm pretty sure they've said they'll be changing it a little.

    2. Non-issue IMO. It's just as easy to simply turn your character with your mouse...

    3. Not something I would expect to stay the way it is. I'm pretty sure I've read that this will be changed actually.

    4. They've already explained why they made this change.

    5. I'm not sure how it's in a bad place, it's right next to all the other info you need to know, endurance and health.

    6. The only thing I think should be changed is that any ability in the downed state that interrupts the 'Finish Them' should not exist, or every profession should have 1. That is the only advantage I see.

    7. I don't think I ever had an issue with this, but again, this is beta, and the UI and QoL things are still being worked on.

    Much of the feedback we are looking into now surrounds balancing, accessibility, tutorials, and a number of “nice to have” requests from the community.
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    1. Didn't bother me, personally. I have no idea how hard it would be to implement, but it's something they could do.

    2. I don't see the problem with this. I was able to hit people in the back/flank, regardless of auto-facing.

    3. Yeah, RNG drops are annoying, but if I recall correctly, they're going to implement something so you can get the loot that you want.

    4. This has nothing to do with PvP and has been debated for pages on this forum. Yeah, it takes away some freedom, but it's easier to balance. It's not like you have zero choice.

    5. I totally agree with this. Seeing which conditions you have on you, and their duration is extremely annoying. It didn't bother me, until I ran a build that worked heavily with boons and conditions.

    6. They're probably going to balance that as well.

    7. A toggle would be nice.
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    The Glory Bags are just half of what you get, you get the physical points which you can buy selective gear that you want. So the RNG bag is just an added bonus. The Tier 1 gear was buyable in BWE2 at least.

    FoV - I had no problems

    Auto-Facing - There shouldn't really be issues of kiting, closing the gap is so easy with so many classes. Whether it be through buffs and dodging or straight up tele, it is easy to close the gap.

    UI Display - Even with my UI at small size I had no problem determining if I was dotted to the ceiling and hamstring is visible. There are only SO many debuffs you can really have and still be living.

    Down State - This is the only thing that makes me angry in PvP, in PvE I see it being great, but in PvP I think it should just be heal or damage; not be able to interrupt the person doing the finisher. Thieves just dissapearing and being able to chain it is just stupid.

    Auto-Queue - Man this bugs me as a person with high ping (playing from Japan), when I want to react to something on the spot, I have never been able to react in the order I should be.

    Sure there are some bad things, but I think they outweigh the improvements over other MMO PvP.

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    I agree with most of your points, especially the FoV one and Boon / Condition positioning / display on the UI, but the game is still in beta mind you, and you should really be posting this on anets forum, or find another way to write this feedback to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartuck View Post
    I totally agree on most of the stuff you mentioned. I was totally hyped by GW2 until I played 2 beta weekends myself. I wish I could cancel my preorder now. Thankfully I have Tera now.
    never tought in cancelling GW2, i loved both weekends, but had some nagging issues while PvPing, nothing that serious to make me cancel ^^

    TERA is dead m8

    on the FoV issue, i made a topic on Anet beta forums suggesting a Slider for FoV based on your PC, basically GW" would scan your hardware and based on results this slider would open for high-end PC's, because the FoV currently ingame is so that old machines can run the game smoothly.
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    @7: press: "ctrl + right click" to disable the auto-cast

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    I agree with some of these, but not all.

    1. FoV - Really annoyed me at first (in both PvE AND PvP), but after playing a significant amount of time and reading some discussion on it, I think it's just something you have to get accustomed to. Not that big an issue. Edit: for clarity's sake, what part is bothering you most. Because there are numerous different complaints about this. I.e. is it just the maximum FoV, the limitations on distance and/or camera mobility, or the location and direction of the camera? Hell, it could even be that the current camera design encourages you to play an Asura so you don't have your fat Norn ass filling up half the screen.

    2. Auto-facing - Couldn't agree more. Terrible mechanic IMO.

    3. Glory bags - I believe they said there would still be ways to obtain specific gear if you don't want to rely on RNG. Mystic Forge related if I had to guess. Non-issue as long as that option is out there. If it remains RNG-only, I agree.

    4. Tier Traits - Something that really bothered me when I read about it. In practice, I actually liked it, but feel it needs some tweaking.

    5. Poor UI display for Buffs / Debuffs - Not just the location of the display, but the display itself. I can't stand it, it's just amazingly difficult to understand at a glance. I know some of this is just learning and will take some time, but the way it's displayed just annoys me right now.

    6. Down state - skills need tweaking, but I find it to be a great gameplay addition on both the PvE and PvP side. Do you have specifics for this one?

    7. Auto-Queued Skills - Exact same story as the auto-facing to me... really bad the way it works currently and gives that "sluggish" feeling that annoys MMO players (PvPers especially) to no end. Edit: You're referring to skill queueing here, not the auto-attack #1 skill here right? I'm not sure if it's other posters or me that is interpreting it wrong. If this is dealing with the #1 skill auto-firing I don't have a problem. The way skill queueing in general works bugs me though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maarius View Post
    @7: press: "ctrl + right click" to disable the auto-cast
    This is what I thought he meant at first, but he means ability queuing, not auto-cast...I think...
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    agree only with point 1

    2.) haven't had any problems with this since I'm melee when an enemy comes close. See your point though.
    3.) they said in the betaforums to work on an additional way to obtain the pvp-loot you want, probably with the mystic forge and certain recipes/ fixed combinations.
    4.) tier traits seem fine to me now after I've tried some buildmaking in BWE2
    5.) disagree. Boons and conditions and timers on those are fantastic imho.
    6.) had my problems against thieves, but it's beta... they are certainly working on that. Can't leave obvious disbalances in the game. Love the Down State, had great fun with it.

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    I agree with you on your sixth point, the downed state definitely needs some work in PvP. Interrupts, vanishes and such in downed state are way too strong in PvP (Im looking at you, thief). I also won't mind if ''Finish them'' would be a little quicker, I don't see why it should be such a long cast. The rest really doesn't bother me I guess.

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    Not everyone is going to like Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet can't make everyone happy. If it's not for you, move on to the next game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maarius View Post
    @7: press: "ctrl + right click" to disable the auto-cast
    Auto-queue, not skill auto-cast feature, totally different things

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    I totaly agree with the OP. sadly GW2 didnt filled my expetations,played beta.... too bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianCC100 View Post
    Not everyone is going to like Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet can't make everyone happy. If it's not for you, move on to the next game.
    by far the best response here

    million kudos

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    So basically you played melee thinking you can be strictly melee in this game.

    Sounds like you're the bad player.

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    I absolutely loved the sPVP, i'm actually fine with the glory bags, but! I can see why some people might find them annoying so i def suggest a second option for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow White View Post
    So basically you played melee thinking you can be strictly melee in this game.

    Sounds like you're the bad player.
    sounds to me that you cant read

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    1) never had an issue with it, and I spent my entire time as a charr.
    2) Not a fan, but at the same time it's not something I noticed much of anyways because I actually actively played/turned my character.
    4) This has been discussed to death elsewhere, but I'll briefly say that while on the surface it would seem you're right, any real thought would show that this makes choices more meaningful and will diversify builds.
    5) I have to completely disagree with you here, I like the way boons and conditions are handled, and if you find yourself staring at the UI then I'd say you need to take a look inside before blaming ANet.
    6) Downed state is great, but it does need some balancing.
    7) I can see how this could use some work. but it works more or less the same as in GW1

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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