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    [Music] Composition programs?

    Hey folks! I've been looking to start dabbling in music composition for a while. I've been playing piano for a long time and recently purchased an electric keyboard from Yamaha which is pretty awesome (mostly to use as a MIDI controller). However, I've never done anything even close to musical composition or anything so I'm curious about what I'll need in terms of software and hardware.

    What program should I look into using (assuming I've given enough information about what I'm looking to do, I'm sure there are zillions of different programs out there for different needs)? Also, can I run said program off of a laptop? While my desktop (for games and whatnot) is physically close to the piano, I don't want to have to reconfigure everything so as to have the screen in the right position, so I'd rather just use the laptop.

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    Guitar Pro is all you need.

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    Indeed, Guitar Pro is boss.

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