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    A new YouTuber

    Hi mmo-champs!

    Lately I've been having a little fun doing some covers and uploading them to YouTube... but without help, they won't be getting anywhere. Just a short watch would be so awesome... maybe even a comment, on YT or MMO-champion. It would be a great help!

    <snip> (don't forget to HD!)

    Maybe you even have a video or more you would like people here to see. Go post some of your stuff here in the comments. =)
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    Advertising your youtube channel here is not allowed.

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    Well, it isn't just for advertising. I'd like to see what other people here are doing on YouTube as well.

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    Omg Weck! Don't know if you remember me, was in the same guild with you on RC. Played druid called Xelic. o/

    Nice piano skills man. ;3

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    Wow, the randomness Xelic/Chemist.... haha. Btw hi. :>

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    It's still advertising either way.

    If you want to know what other people watch on youtube, make a thread about that, don't link your Youtube channel.
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    Yea sorry, for advertising your video is going to get taken out and thread locked.

    I suggest linking to your youtube in your sig, like I did.
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    As others have stated. Creating threads to advertise/promote your youtube channel is not allowed here.
    DeltrusDisc is right in that it is okay to have a link to your youtube channel in your signature, as long as it remains subtle. Colours are fine, but size 100 font and bold red letters with arrows and flashy signs is not welcome
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