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    "The blocking system is overloaded" issue, Facebook

    This isn't a recent issue, this has been going on for MONTHS now.

    ie. go ahead & try to block this person

    You're not able to block people with massed amount of subscribers, you'll just get the "The blocking system is overloaded" message, why can't I just ignore it & move on? They keep popping up in my news feed with pictures of something from the childhood & go "Like in 3 seconds if you remember" or some picture of a kid from Africa with "LIKE in 3 seconds if you would help this child", followed by "like my comment & subscribe if you want a share xoxo"

    Example: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...type=1&theater

    I can block regular people off easily if they're annoying, but when it's people with thousands upon thousands of subscribers it's impossible.

    Articles/other forums about this: http://www.facebook.com/help/communi...on/?id=2172567
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