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    Warp Portal Inc. To Open Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Server

    I know for a lot of us, Ragnarok was our first MMO, or at least one of the very early ones, and many will be surprised that it's one of those games that just refuses to quit. It's still kicking, but since there's demand from the playerbase, they'll be opening a server that undoes all the features their "Renewal" patch brought.

    Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this? I'm personally pretty excited, but I know better than to trust WP with much of anything, so I'm remaining kind of sceptical.

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    Fuck yes. Thanks for posting this here, definitely going to play this.

    Edit: Actually, nah. I think my fond memories of this game stem from the fact that it was my first MMORPG, and the many friends I met there that I still keep in touch with. Not actually the game itself.
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