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    Note: Nothing is Final. Don't assume everything on the site is true.

    Looking at the 5 upcoming champions after Jayce have gotten me excited.

    Take a look for yourself!

    PS: I see a new stealth champ that might be released right after stealth rework!

    Edit: We might be having either a double release upcoming or another lore related back to back release. Champions in question are DarkSov and Diana.
    sounds sweet, thanks for the info!

    its always exciting to see new champs, but there seems to be a lot of overlap and most don't seem too original or innovative. someone commented that the last 5 have been ad and similar commando style human look with armor and a big weapon. I like the animations on jayce, I think there's some originality and complexity there, though strikingly similar to darius, garen, graves, etc, and a far cry from the uniqueness of anivia, malphite, fiddlesticks, and I can only imagine the overlap of their skins. I noticed a screenshot with "glacial malphite" (which will probably be similar to barnacle malphite) and dreadknight tryndamere which will be similar to the latest new champ ad skins which are "dark evil humans with big swords"

    I look forward to new innovation and versatility/complexity and gameplay, I think jayce has some of this, though the extent of the spell effects seems lacking (his jump attack only knocks the enemy back for a sec, he has a yellow force field that seems to have no special effects, he walks through the laser and gets electric charge, though I think switching to cannon mode is cool, the cannon is kind of wimpy)

    I'm not trying to be too critical, but I think jayce is one of the better new champions of those datamined, teek sounds like a ratlike hunter (twitch-warwick...dota's bloodthirster) that sniffs out the enemy, but nothing too special there, obvious abilities. a couple of them shoot missiles, like every other champ. I'd like to see something like dota's enigma ult, obsidian statue nuke, demon hunter's swap health ult, etc.

    TL;DR not too impressed with the latest champ previews, but haven't really seen their entirety. they seem much too similar, at least considering the last 5 have been and the next 5 seem to be similar to each other or a champ already in game.

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    Glacial Malph looks nothing like Baracle Malph. Hell, it barely looks like Malph himself. Dreadknight Trynd, just look at the many other dreadknight skins to get a feel for what it will look like.

    Also, as you said yourself we know next to nothing about these new champs. We don't even know spells outside of working names. Some might even be non-human, so I think it's a little early to jump on the not unique bandwagon.

    As for Jayce, I'm not too excited. He is either gonna be OP or useless, because the swapping roles with a button click would be OP if he could fill both roles easily, and he doesn't have the toolkit to be good at one at a time.

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    I like these kind of "leaks"!
    I LOVE Nature themed Champions/Classes & etc.
    Under "Xara", there are a lot of odd nature related files - "seed", "oaken enemy", "twilight", "vine" - as well as a bunch of references to abilities of other champions ( "megaadhesive", "eyeofthestorm", "sapling" ). Based on the first point, this could be the nature mage that Morello made mention of a while back?
    Bring it!!!
    Hope it's a Kassadins daughter

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    Don't forget this :P
    They're female champs

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    Nature mage Xara? instabuy!

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    So. With release of Zyra and Diana's sneak peak there are high chances for DS and Seth (I wonder if Seth isn't Nasus legendary skin... well dog with sand theme... isn't it Nasus?) ^^

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    I'm hoping Seth will be some kind of sand champion, sandman would be damn awesome, bruiser for top I guess or tanky caster (Vladimir-like)
    But for sure these are champions to look out for :>

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    Diana is conformed. Rivals with Leona most probably. Riot loves their cat fights.
    Quote Originally Posted by Culnar
    Sometimes people act like blizzard is their friend who betrayed them and now they're pissed!
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    Actually the backlash from pandas is because alot of the people didn't grow up.

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