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    Quote Originally Posted by pawsz View Post
    Where is Barney's Crazy-Hot chart?
    She looked hot on the still but in the video she just looked crazy so i wouldnt bother with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvbastel View Post
    To drive a car, you need to be of a certain age and do a theoretical and a practical test, yet everyone can have children without anyone checking if the parents-to-be are fit to deal with parenthood.
    We aren't hardwired biologically to drive. We are to mate. When you mess with peoples rights to procreate it gets messy. Look at the recent force abortion in China (google chinasmack).

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    Quote Originally Posted by damntree View Post
    Where's everybody getting the info that she's insane?
    Read the article, draw the obvious conclusions

    Ryabkova will be sent to a psychiatric hospital for tests while police continue to investigate the incident.
    from the article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kivimetsan View Post
    All the people saying they want people to get a 'license' to have kids... move to China?
    Ever heard of Liberty? Oh lets hand over all rights to the government when it comes to having kids! *sarcasm*

    How will they enforce it? Abort your kid?


    OT: Throw the loser off the same building imho.
    I feel the only liberty that people should have is the right to protest and overthrow the government.
    That would be the ONLY liberty.

    That way, a government is forced to enforce rules that benefit the people most, while also being able to control the things that really need controlling. After all; there's few species so insanely stupid on such a large scale as us humans.

    Yes, I am for a people-supported democratic dictatorship. The majority of people are simply too stupid to trust with a fork, let alone a meaningful decision on how to treat others.

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    Is it bad that this doesn't either surprise or shock me anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    Whats the betting that if she does see the inside of a jail (and not some mental facility) that she will meet some sort of justice in there.[COLOR="red"]
    Let's just say, that all them scary stories people heard about Russian prisons are not just stories. And don't think it'll be better in a mental facility if she gets into one, although it's hard for me to imagine that she will. It won't be a nuthouse for them harmless guys who think they're Napoleon or Lenin.

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    She was obviously just a hardcore LARPer roleplaying Donkey Kong. Ease up a little, this stuff can quickly get out of control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fumu View Post
    She emotionlessly looked at the remains of her own children and idly told a questioning bystander that she threw them out the window like it ain't no thing. Call it a wild guess.
    That doesn't mean she's insane.

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    Okay, in this kind of situation, the death penalty seems to be the best solution.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    I'm just being a smart ass at this point.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Frank View Post
    If we do win, he can rub anything he wants in my face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelle View Post
    Read the article, draw the obvious conclusions

    from the article.
    Yep, no one ever just kills people.

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    Only in Russia...

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    She's obviously has a serious mental illness. "Jail-time" would serve no purpose, though separating her from society does. What she did isn't really disgusting or anything, it's tragic, and only highlights our inability to catch these kinds of disorders early on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    Mental problems arent an excuse and we need to stop using them as one. In fact crazy people are more dangerous than normal criminals and they all need to be put to death.

    really since i have a mental issue i should be put to death? how about putting to death the stupid. Your first in line

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    Sadly, this thread has devolved into nothing but hateful language and trolling. There's not really much place for civil discussion here, so I will have to lock it.
    League of Legends, Video Games & General Off-Topic mod. PM me with any concerns you may have.

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