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    Spirit Beast

    What do you'll think the next Spirit Beast should be? I personally would love to see a Spirit Beast - Crane or Spirit Beast - Porcupine, I'm willing to branch out for a Spirit Beast - Water Strider though. Share your thoughts and ideas please, I'm interested in what you'll think would be a neat Spirit Beast for Mist of Pandaria.
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    hmmm, I don't think they are adding in anymore in Mists, at least that's what is showing me. New spirt beast I'd like to see is a mini cloud serpent, that would be awesome.

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    I'd like a reddish glow spirit beast in MoP, not pink or purple, red!

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    I'd love a spirit yak, just like the massive one that is smashing mobs in the daily quest area

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    and its a translucent pink colour =D

    or a sporebat, or generally something a bit different really, its lame there are so many spirit beasts with similar models imo =p

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    Whatever it is, I hope they DON'T go with the ghosty pet look again. My favorite spirit beasts are still Loque'nahak and Skoll.

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    It'd be awesome to see a spirit beast turtle. One of them spikey ones. Preferably not the ghostly design, but maybe more of a colored in look with some kind of glow added like loque'nahak and skoll had. Turtles are just awesome. Another bird spirit beast would be awesome as well. Even a crane or hawk of some sort would do. If they made a crane spirit beast I would say give it different colors, more vivid perhaps, and add some sort of glowy look to it, even just in the eyes and mouth or something.

    I'm sure they'll be adding them in though. Only reason I roll BM on my hunter as her main spec is for the pets. I have all but one spirit of the cats that spawn in mt. hyjal. So I am looking forward to going back on the hunt for any new ones they add in MoP.

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    A big grasshopper would be awesome

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    A reference/tribute to Okami.


    Show your support, folks!

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    The mates of the four guardians of Pandaria.

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    just to counter-point another poster.. other then the 2 world bosses and a flying cloud serpent, they have not added any rares, at all. not that all rares have to be hunter tamable pets, but i highly doubt those are the only 3 rares we will see in Mists. petopia hasnt updated to show any new spirit pets, since the patches have not been updated with potential rare tames.

    i really loved the pets that came with the Molten Front, with challenging tames. that was a load of fun. i would love to see some other or even repeats of this idea as a huntress. sadly, im not fond of BM spec at all.. its sad to me that i cant use some of the pretty spirit beasts in my SV spec. i would even be happy to give up its unique ability to BM only. just to use the look of these pets. but, i dont see that happening.

    this Xpac and the concept of asian style themes.. it would be fun if they added spirit beasts to match the Asian calander.. or a variation more suitable for WoW, like not an exact clone of the animals used in Asian zodiacs but a similar concept.
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    Celestial crocolisk.... just looks funny

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    I would love to see animals that didn't require a spec to have with having to glyph or talent for it. But would love something a bit different than what we got now but not sure what yet.
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    It'll probably be yet another cat.

    Thanks for the awesome sig, Lady Amuno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yogg-Saron, God of Death View Post
    It'll probably be yet another cat.
    Nuuuuuuu. Gief Okami tribute. :C

    Heck, I'll repost it here:

    Hi there Blizz.

    Thanks fer the work sofar on Mist of Pandaria, I count meself amongst one of the millions of folk who're totally psyched for it. Havin' played Warcraft3 intensivly I had always hoped for the Pandaren Empire to make an appearance, and yer timing to finally do so is impeccable. Hell, if you hadn't done so, I'd have probably ended up makin' a custom Warcraft3 campaign for 'em meself. (Or rather play with the idea and postpone it indefinitely, knowin' meself. But I digress.)

    About this thread. I know it's unusual for a player to put forth an idea like this, but I'm just putting it out there. Okami, a game for the Playstation2 and Wii, is a personal favorite console game of mine, one that's really close to me. In it, you play the sungoddess Amaterasu, in the form of a white wolf, and save Nippon (the Japan of myths) from all sorts of dark threats. The distinctive art style, the music, endearing characters and amazing storyline make this game a true experience, and any fan of the game will tell you the same. It's been compared to Shadow of the Collosus in terms of how you can get lost in the experience. More than a game, it tells a story through word, sound and image. TLDR; It's bloody great.

    The Nippon in this game bares many striking similarities to Pandaria. And while I realize you're going with a primarily Chinese theme, and Nippon is definitely Japanese, the overal arching 'eastern' theme still rings true. (Disclaimer: I am a simple dumb european, derp.)

    If any of you have played Okami, or if you think this sounds interesting enough to reference (lord knows Blizzard loves their ingame references!), then may I suggest putting an Okami reference in Pandaria?

    I aint no hunter, but I'd love to see a Spirit Wolf (with particle emitter ribbons from the flanks, just like Amaterasu) roam Pandaria, named after our favorite sungoddess avatar. Perhaps have her only spawn during sunrise, after which she runs across the continent, leaving a trail of briefly blooming flowers in her wake? (Again, just like Ammy) You already have the briefly-blooming-flowers effect. Path of Cenarius TGC collectible, if I remember correctly.

    I could go on and suggest she'd be named something like "Am'terash <Mate of Goldrinn>". Or similar. And that she'd use a Solarbeam ability similar to the abilities the Druids of the Flame use? Maybe a disorientating blind effect called "Celestial Ink". I dunno, go nuts!

    Heck, perhaps I've just predicted something you guys already have put in. With Pandaria, the timing and location couldnt be more perfect to reference this great little gem of a game.

    Thanks fer readin' and keep up the great work!


    For those interested, the game in question can be read about on Wikipedia:Ōkami

    Yes, with a lil' ditty thingamajiggle on the O.

    Finally, this next link will show you Amaterasu, running across the fields, leaving that trail of flowers in her wake. Something that could be referenced brilliantly with methods already programmed into WoW, using the Path of Cenarius / Mylune's Call effect.

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    We were already told they're working on a Porcupine.

    What part of FITE PORCUPINE FITE

    then FITE SPIRIT PORCUPINE FITE wasn't clear? :P

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