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    MoP mana problems compaired to other healers.

    Just a quick question for those who play multiple healing classes like myself in the beta (Disc Priest and Mistweaver).
    Even with PW:Solace, do you find yourself scraping the bottom of the mana barrel while on the other hand my mistweaver is like "lolol, I can heal all day with soothing mist and uplift"?
    I considered Greater Heal and PoH my bread and butter spells when going to disc but I can't even used them consistently without completely draining my mana in the new raids. If you have multiple lvl 90 healers in the MoP beta and have raid tested them so far, how did it go?

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    Yeah Disc priest are pretty broken atm, their throughput is really bad.

    a disc priest is pretty mandatory in every raid comp though, atleast 25 man, since they offer the most midigation.

    i've played monk aswel, and it's like u say, the througput is insane, and your mana regen is good, resto druids and shamans are good aswel, gonna try pally this weekend, if the stoneguard still is avalible i'll test it.

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    They recently increased the mana costs for spells for disc.

    I wouldn't assume they're final.

    Disc was also broken in start of Cata, but from FL on they started to become better and better.

    I don't think you're meant to spam GH and PoH the whole time. I think you're meant to use heal (yes, heal) normally, and either GH or FH during spike dmg, and keep your rapture proc.

    Do you have some logs? Or a recount? What was your amount of mana left compared to other healers?

    It could be interesting feedback to Blizzard as they're currently balancing the classes and stuff like this is valuable. But I think you'd need to include some kind of maths or theorycrafting behind it.

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    With the addition of Power Word: Solace Heal might as well not exist because casting it is an hpm loss against using the extra free time from using Greater Heal to cast Solace and if we are this mana limited that guarantees that we have lots of free activity time to get lots of mana out of Solace on top of that.

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    When I was testing the Spirit Kings yesterday, we 3 healed it at first: Mistweaver and 2 Shams (myself being the mistweaver). One shotted it 3 times, I was top heals by far with skada saying like 45k average. The 4th time I got on my Disc priest and we 2 healed it (Disc and Rsham). By 2 or 3 minutes in a was scraping the bottom and solacing when i could for mana. I couldn't NOT great heal and PoH, just plain "heal" couldn't keep up with the dmg going out to the tank and raid (mind you this was the 4th kill but we had a pretty nice grasp on mechanics). The shaman and I put up 25k heals each with him edging me by about a million, but he said at the end of the fight "how do i use all this mana" and I had none. Maybe I will try some more reforging (even though ill all to spi right now) and leave some feedback on the forums.

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