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    2017 gaming year in review

    How great was 2017 in terms of gaming for the masses or more importantly you personally. Here are some hand picked passing thoughts from myself as how 2017 was for me.

    * First and foremost was AMD getting back in the game with Ryzen. Yeah, I was a loyal blue banner boi but Ryzen really turned it around for me. I simply love my 1600x and she streams like a champ. I named her Suzi.

    * As AMD made great stride with Ryzen, their GPU's still suck ass. Nvidia will always be my viewing portal.

    * I finally got a NES classic through Thinkgeek of all places. I entered to win during some "key" giveaway and actually won. It sits nice next to my SNES classic which I actually got the day they launched. To bad I powered them up once and promptly went back to my PC. But I have, hot dam I have them...

    * 2017 game of the year? Cuphead no contest. Breath of the Wild winning it on that show was a joke and payola still lives in this world. Whenever Nintendo rolls out Reggie Fils Ames its only for pre-thought out publicity. Yes I said it, those awards were fixed.

    * Best game I played in 2017? Thats easy, Dragon Age Inquisition with all DLC. EA is easy to pick on but this game is a true masterpiece. Compare the DAI season pass to the crappy Breath of the Wild one? EA did it right.

    * No, I'm not a Nintendo basher, Super Mario Odyssey is the second best game of 2017. The Switch has potential as a good tablet gaming device as long as you like or want Nintendo games. Have you even tried the terrible, depressing, laughable port of Skyrim? I'm only buying Switch games by Nintendo, everything else will be either a lousy port or crap shovelware, I have enough shovelware on Steam to deal with.

    * Finally got a 144hz monitor, its so very true, you can't go back to 60hz. You really can't go back to consoles either. I'm starting to see why PC games thumb their noses at consoles now. YES its that much of an improvement. Save you pennies boys and girls and get the 144hz monitor as soon as you can.

    * EA, the poster boys for greed will be the biggest headline remembered for 2017 as "The Gamers struck back!!!111" Get real, people still bought Battlefront 2, the wait times on queues are shorter than Overwatch and EA will still make bank on the game. You might not have micro transactions in BF2, but they will come back in some shape or form. You won nothing really, you all just think you did. And I still won a key to buy a Nes classic...

    * And in closing what games am I still playing? World of Warcraft, you know its fun to play as a dps instead of tanking and healing all the time. Overwatch, yeah, I'm the tard playing as Bastion. Cuphead, its a polished Contra rip off, but oh so fun, hey, its nice to actually have a hard game that requires old school skills.

    So those are my thoughts and opinions, what are your for 2017?

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    Trails of Cold Steel released on PC in August, and is my Game of the Year.

    My favorite games got plenty of updates, with Plains of Eidolon for Warframe, new heroes for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, and the various patches for WoW: Legion, which I am now catching up on, so I cannot cast a vote there yet.

    Otherwise, it was mainly anime for me this year.

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    Cuphead better than Breath of the Wild? Don't know what you're smoking. BotW is phenomenal. Cuphead is fun and all but yeah.

    I think Odyssey should have won game of the year, I'd put BotW second. Odyssey is the first game I've 100%'d in years.

    On PC Total War Warhammer 2 is so much fun too. Recent patch fixed some of the AI problems and I've been playing stupid amounts of hours of it.
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    Great year for me. PUBG got the old crew back playing together daily, still clocking a dozen or two hours a week with the boys in that one and I expect that to go well into 2018. PC GOTY for me.

    Got hooked onto Grim Dawn which really satisfied that Diablo itch since d2/d3 aren't really doing anything for me anymore.

    Got my PS4 time in with Horizon Zero Dawn, console GOTY for me.

    New Heist in GTA V has been the icing on the cake for the end of the year.

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    Two games really stand out for me. Horizon Zero Dawn on console and Divinity Original Sin 2 on PC. They are my games of the year in their respective medium. I don't have a nintendo so any exclusive game to that is out for me. AC Origins was pretty great as well. I've soured on MMOs these past couple of years but I did enjoy the GW2's expansion, Path of Fire.

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    All the new games I've enjoyed this year had a trail of shit following them. Andromeda and Destiny 2 for example, where I still managed to find many hours of fun, but also acknowledge the problems and regret that some developers are either willing to sacrifice a beloved franchise for a new project, or have an amazing core gameplay ruined by shitty practices...

    It's weird but the best thing for me this year was the free to play games that are still going strong and constantly produce new content. Path of Exile and Warframe are what I look at when I want to see some kind of standard for online gaming experience. And it still bothers me that those two are time and time again showing the classic triple A developers how you should introduce new things and cooperate with the community.

    I have no idea what the future holds for gaming. Can't tell where all the circus that was happening this year is going to take us.

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    Probably the first year where I didn't buy any games, I only played WoW, Diablo 3, Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally and my old N64/Dreamcast/Saturn games. The only thing 2017 signified was a loss of interest in gaming, modern games especially with all their lootbox skinnerbox gambling game systems just don't appeal to me at all. Maybe I will buy a Switch next year, interested in playing Zelda and Mario but not interested enough to put money down at the moment.

    It was also the first time since 1999 (when GT2 came out and I bought it on launch day) that I didn't buy a Gran Turismo game on launch, and no plan to buy it (GT Sport) in the near future.
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    The worst year for games in recent memory. The only game I was looking forward too turned out to be a disappointment and one of the very few games I've ever returned: ME:A.
    (keep in mind, the above comments are completely, 100%, subjective)

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    My GOTY would be Mario Odyssey or Hollow Knight. Breath of the Wild is alright, but I don't know if it'd even make it to my top 5.

    Other great games, in no particular order have been:

    - Yakuza Zero
    - Prey
    - Cuphead
    - NieR Automata
    - Resident Evil 7
    - Horizon Zero Dawn
    - Thimbleweed Park
    - Hellblade
    - XCOM2: War of the Chosen
    - A Hat in Time

    Overall, it's been a pretty good year for gaming. It's a shame Wolfenstein 2, Shadow of War, ME:Andromeda and Yooka-Laylee weren't all they could have been, but we've had other games in their respective genres to make up for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Thick View Post
    How great was 2017 in terms of gaming for the masses or more importantly you personally.
    Amazing, i play main and mostly RPGs, i have been doing so for the last 25 years, and i can not remember a year better than this one.
    I also think it has been quite a good year for other game genres as well, but it is quite funny to think that the year of lootboxes and microtransactions, has also brought us gem after gem in the single player department.
    And 2018 is looking fantastic too, ni no kuni 2, code vein and Pillars 2 are coming this 2018 to mention a few good ones.
    The most important thing for me is that i have had a ton of amazing games of the genre i like and they have all had pretty good sales, meaning all those franchises i care about are alive and kicking, extremely happy here with 2017.

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    Mario Odyssey is a blast.. Genuinely haven't had this much fun in a long time

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    My list is

    1. Horizon: Zero Dawn, once the mechanical robot novelty started to wear off, the story kicked itself into overdrive and made everything blend together almost perfectly.
    2. PUBG, not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of it, I prefer Fortnite battle royale, but PUBG truly kickstarted the explosion in this genre as LoL did for MOBAs
    3. Fortnite, it takes the PUBG formula and makes it cheesy and fun! I hate shooters but I've already logged over 100hours in this.
    4. Cuphead, I grew up on SNES platformers, this game was an awesome return to those 'learn a game bit by bit' styles

    I don't have a switch so sorry nintendo.

    Special Mention - Nier: Automata, I adored the opening to the game, one of the best starts to a game since probably the first God of War. Something just felt off after it though, its top of my list to finish.

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    Awesome year for gamers imo.

    The Switch is amazing for people with limited time. So BotW is my game of the year. So much freedom and things to discover. I can never again play a game where you can only go one defined path. I also liked Mario, but I have no intention to 100% it.

    For PC I loved Warhammer 2 and Nier:Automata. In any other year Nier would have been my GotY.
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    First half was amazing, last half was a conga line of mistake after mistake.

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    Beat year of all time. Sorry, 1998 and 2004
    Persona 5
    Xenoblade 2
    Mary skelter
    2 yakuza
    Blue reflection
    Demon gaze 2
    Gravity rush 2
    Fate extella
    Kingdom heartssssssss
    Ultra s/m
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    For me:
    1. PUBG
    2. Original Sin 2
    3. LiS: Before the Storm

    That was unexpectedly good year imho.

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    My biggest surprise this year was Dead Cells, even though it's in early access.

    The best combat in a platformer, ever. So smooth and satisfying. It just blows anything else out of the water. Movement/controls are also top notch. Many interesting weapons/strategies. It's simply a fantastic game. My only gripe is that the roguelite/starting all over again aspect can get a little annoying.

    Other games I've enjoyed (all on PC): Battle Chasers Nightwar, Hollow Knight, Vanquish, Redeemer and a little bit of WoW and D3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fryya View Post
    The Switch is amazing for people with limited time.
    I'm not sure what that means. Explain.

    Quote Originally Posted by fryya View Post
    So BotW is my game of the year. So much freedom and things to discover. I can never again play a game where you can only go one defined path.
    So you're only able to play 1-20% of all games made? Ouch.

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    Hellblade: Senua's sacrifice is the standout for me, game was phenomenal. I ended it just wanting more.
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    The first 2/3 of the year was mostly spent catching up on games from previous years after I finally built myself a solid gaming PC. The last part however has been entirely taken up with two amazing PS4 games, Horizon Zero Dawn and Yakuza 0.

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