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    Long distance running

    Found this crazy old man, he's just about to finish his 3rd coast to coast(in the US) since 2007. Will have taken him 97 days. Not too shabby for a 64 year old.

    Job: Retired since 2010, former economics reporter for the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet in Stockholm.

    Age: 64 years old

    Training: A great deal, often long distances, but mostly playful and adventurous. No background in sports and began to run at the age of 35. He has run for 30 years, a total of about 135 000 km equivalent of three times around the world. Calculated on the last ten years he's run an average of 6600 km or 120-130 km / week.

    Family: Wife and five children, two live at home.

    Ultra runs: Does not compete but has made ​​several very long solo runs in Sweden and the U.S., including:

    * 2004 Stockholm-Gothenburg, 520 km with a backpack
    * 2005 Chicago-New Orleans, 1600 km with a backpack
    * 2006 Stockholm-Kramfors, 600 km with babyjogger
    * 2007 Coast to Coast in the United States, 5100 km in 95 days from Florence, Oregon to Virginia Beach, VA
    * 2008 Denver, CO Oklamhoma City, OK, 1000 km with babyjogger with my brother Jan on rolerblades
    * 2010 Coast to Coast in the United States, 5320 km in 101 days solo from Westport, WA to Tybee Island, GA
    * 2011 Stockholm-Molle, 630 km in 11 days with babyjogger

    Anyways whats the longest distance you've run? How long did it take?
    I've done roughly 70 km in 24 hours. Run 2 half marathons as well.
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    The nerve is called the "nerve of awareness". You cant dissect it. Its a current that runs up the center of your spine. I dont know if any of you have sat down, crossed your legs, smoked DMT, and watch what happens... but what happens to me is this big thing goes RRRRRRRRRAAAAAWWW! up my spine and flashes in my brain... well apparently thats whats going to happen if I do this stuff...

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    Chemistry block.
    To the front door and/or phone. Maybe 10m at a push. Took a few seconds. Never again.
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    Also a vegetable is a person.
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    I dont care if they [gays] are allowed to donate [blood], but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    Running on the beach during an hour for the distance of 10 km

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    Usually run about 6km 3 times a week (same track in the woods) at about 30min for maintenance.
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    That picture has four arms and four legs. It's not a human, so it's clearly a spider.

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    I rarely run, I prefer cycling. However, the most I ran was 5km around the track. Don't remember how long did it take me.

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    I've done a half marathon before but I was going for time and not distance so I should be able to increase that, hopefully will try a full marathon in the next few years

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    no matter where i run, some dude thats twice my age will blow by me making me look stupid (er)

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    3KM. It's not much but I prefer cycling personally. I rarely run.
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    10 km 5 times a week. So around 50 km on a week.
    I usually run the 10 km on 42-45 mins. Personal record is 38,5 though.

    Longest distance I ever ran was 31 km last year, took me 2 hours and 35 minutes.

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    21km for Tough Mudder.
    Second longest? 2.4k.
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    Longest runs? A marathon. Would like to extend on that one day...maybe 100 km run.

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    I rarely run, but when I do it's a rather long run through the hills and forests. I prefer cycling for the convenience.

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