The current 1-5, 1-10, or 1-100 scoring systems are an accurate reflection of the quality and fun of a Video Game. Especially in the hands of a volatile audience that rates a game at 0 because it didn't have a feature they wanted.

I think everyone should use the simplest of review processes, pros and cons.

Every review would have a certain number of pros and cons that have to be backed up by a statement.

Instead of, "This game is for losers; 0/100" we would get "Pros: None, Cons: This game is for losers", then we could easily ignore the review and the review itself would have no reflection on the games over all rating because there is none.

The current rating system assumes that you can look at the games score and base your purchase decision off of that. For example: Demon Souls scored between 85% and 95% on ratings across the board but not everyone wants to play a game designed to be exceeding difficult. So skip the scoring nonsense and get straight down to what people may or may not like.

This could also apply to other review systems such as Amazon, New Egg, or Tiger Direct. I think it's silly when someone reviews a product as 0/5 because their shipment didn't get their on time. You are trying to make a point to the company but instead you just said that the product is awful regardless of it's quality.

What do you all think? I know every system is abusable but I believe if we use Pros/Cons and stop scoring things altogether we could inform consumers with a more accurate description of what they are buying.