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    People's attitide to new players

    Hi folks.

    Why don't people like new players to games? For example the name calling in LoL etc. I have even seen someone say L2P in the WSG 10-14 bracket. This is also in smite, in the novice matches

    I know someone who is heavily into PVP in WoW, but won't try moba style games as he hates the name calling.
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    Because new players generally suck while they learn the game, and nobody likes having people on their team who are essentially useless at best, and actively detrimental to their team at worst.

    That MOBA community is generally complete shit, probably one of the worst around unfortunately.

    I don't have a big issue with newer players that are willing to learn and accept advice, but I'm that shit talker when I someone I'm trying to help either flat out ignores me or starts being rude to me for "being a tryhard elitist asshole that needs to stop telling people how to play the game and have fun" : /

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    Went from new vs old to bad vs good. After the game being out for awhile, being bad instead of new is more likely it. Plus when I try to help them, they either ignore it, or just hash out at me. So I just stopped trying and turned into a silent crusader, letting ragers say what I feel, lol.

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    I was playing Smite last night. You only play new players before lvl 6. Someone on my team was going a flamefest calling another teammate "Noob" and "uninstall" and "L2P". New game, in a newbie match...And they were demolishing their lane.

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    I don't know, it seems people have such little patience in games these days...which makes no sense, why get so bent out of shape over what is supposed to be a way of relaxing/entertainment.

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    Ahhhhhhh don't even get me started on this topic

    I came back from a long as break the other week (14 months), and use scroll of resurrection to get a free level 80 and continue playing. I hit level 85 on the new warlock, geared him in PvE and because I was still learning my class and what spells I should and shouldn't use, I was pulling just average DPS. Had hunters misdirecting on to me and group members refusing to revive me because my dps was a mere 1k lower than the other dps in DS (I was pulling like 16k).

    Because im on holidays, I also had time to gear in PvP too. My realm is over populated so the duelling area outside of SW is always crowded. Duelled a few people and the majority couldn't help but announce how bad I was, even though I was half geared and they had full 403 PvP armour.

    I'm the type of person who would encourage a person who isnt doing too well and even give them tips, so it annoys me greatly when I get bad mouthed for not preforming at a MLG level.

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    Because a lot of newbies immediately being screaming about OP and cheating and whatnot when it's their lack of knowing how to play that's the problem.
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    gotta agree with Edgecrusher. MOBA community is terriable.
    i tend to play most of my games on League of Legends late evening/ weekend (due to work patterns) and its very very rare i get a game without a flamer/troll/ general idiot. its getting to the point where the same guy can call you a "noob" then a "cheater" in the same match.
    last night topped it all off, actually had someone say "shut up noobs or i will feed" someone call SS, and the guy spent the next 10 mins just feeding kills (like streight from spawn into their carries) just rediculess.
    as for new players, sure noone likes been in groups with them, but we were all new once, thats my philosophy.

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    Because I'd much rather be playing with people who know wtf they're doing. Yes, everyone has to be a new guy at some point and that's not something we can change, but it's just frustrating when you get unlucky and get paired up with them.
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    Ridiculous excuses such as "don't like playing with people that can't play" are just being spouted by people who for some reason gain something from insulting someone rather than attempting to help them. New players rely on veteran players in order to get better. However, the haggard old veterans are grumpy sods.

    It's hip to be horrible to new players, you didn't know? Especially when it's in front of your own friends, too!

    No no no no no, you don't -help- people anymore, you just insult them until they stop playing, because you're better off then, duh!
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    I think it's mostly a foul sense of elitism. The more you're being an ass to a new player, the more it makes you look like a real pro.
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    because player vs player is competitive and requires you to work together as a team to achieve the goal ( aka win the match ) something like raiding in the teamwork sense but yea anyway back to the point ...

    if i could play well enough to make up for the other 9 players in my bg doing nothing i really would ... but i cant because blizzard hasnt made my class able to do so...

    if you think people have a poor attitude to new players ? did u ever think why ? people still play this game competitively ...
    if you where stuck in the same situation with people you wanna work together with that choose to ignore how this game works or choose to ignore the basic most mechanic of what they are taking part in which is team work

    how would you feel towards them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    Because new players generally suck while they learn the game, and nobody likes having people on their team who are essentially useless at best, and actively detrimental to their team at worst.

    That MOBA community is generally complete shit, probably one of the worst around unfortunately.

    I don't have a big issue with newer players that are willing to learn and accept advice, but I'm that shit talker when I someone I'm trying to help either flat out ignores me or starts being rude to me for "being a tryhard elitist asshole that needs to stop telling people how to play the game and have fun" : /
    i'm just being lazy so i wont type it out again when someone else has.

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    Personally I blame GEAR as the top reason of the hatred towards new players. Especially if we take WoW. Gear is very important. It's very hard to obtain. And it's difference between levels of even same tier is gigantic. Normal - heroic I mean.
    New players just have too much crap to deal with. Especially in WoW. Not tactics knowledge, no gear, no class knowledge... Ofc nobody would want them. I wouldn't want them in my party either. But they gotta learn somehow... I'd say make a single player version of every instance with same abilities and tactics (for the most part), so a player could go there, learn and get some starter gear. It should be hard, they shouldn't faceroll it, they should be forced to avoid stuff and maybe even use consumables. So they can learn and wipe without bothering anyone else. Like that Bogieman solo boss in The Secret World. Gods, that impressed me. I wiped like 5 times before I learned to avoid all his attacks. I even started to whine in general, asking how is this doable and then after couple "l2p nub" comments I realised that it's brilliant. I can wipe and learn alone, without bothering anyone and without having to deal with elitists! In fact with that in mind they could make all mmo's have a single player mode. I know many of us would prefer it, including myself. But that's a theme for another discussion.

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    I must be one of the few people who think its hilarious when people get mad at me or other people for being bad at any game. I mean the insults these people make to try and put you down are pathetic but sometimes really clever. Its like some people have experience doing this and try to get better at their trash talking level on the internet. To me, its almost as if these people "hope" they find bad or new players to feed upon. Its almost like a hobby for them. They pretend that they hate new players but actually need them to survive.

    I remember a couple of weeks ago I was on League of Legends (Which btw i don't like but played because my friends were on) and I was playing Leona(<3 Leona). Didn't know what I was doing so I just stacked armor and health and ran around. One guy on our team was so mad at me (I guess he was a Leona main) and told me I was "an idiot" "douchebag piece of shit" "kill yourself now you dirty mutt" and more that I don't want to get into. I didn't even respond back to him. It was better pretending that he wasn't even worth my time than stooping to that level. Its adorable when people try really hard to get you lulled into their game.

    But back on topic. Yes, I can see why people get mad at others for being new or bad because they may take the game more seriously than other people similar to me. That's the problem with playing on the internet with random people. You meet all different types of people of different levels of competitiveness and these games expect you to work together.

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    Well for any game. Personally, I don't really mind new people for PvE games. If they come into a dungeon and have no clue, I personally prefer them to speak up. You make yourself look more of an idiot when you screw up than you do if you just ask. I'd help or explain as best as I can.

    There are a lot of people that won't speak up if they're new and try to wing it. It doesn't take like 5 hours to explain it, and it runs smoother if did.

    MOBA communities are as far as I've seen. Terrriibbleeeeeee.

    PvP games (not MOBA) I can only say what I do, and if they want to use it or not is up to them.

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    I am aswell a player that tries to help others, but when they are not accepting help and then start bashing me for it i get the feeling they are just making it worse for themselves and others who actually appreciate help.
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    im a whiney bitch when im online.. and will tell anyone they are fucking shit if they suck and ill whine about it BUT i will give them tips on how to improve lol (they usually ignore this so i whine stronger).
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    Oh my, I'm seriously considering running about in LoL in terribad gear and trolling the hell out of these kinds of players.

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    Sometimes when I'm reading trade chat in Wow, it makes me sooo angry, when someone asks very politely something: "where is the trainer for (insert profession/class here)". And they get answers like: "lol noob google is friend!" or "ask your mom". How hard it is to actually answer the question! Why do people have to be so rude to players who maybe are new to the game? If people would actually help the new players, maybe they would do better? I try to be nice to new players in most of the cases, but when they become hostile towards me, then I stop trying...
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