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    Should I have my life saved, if I can't risk my life for someone else?

    Should I get a donut, if I can't make one myself?

    Ridiculous question. It makes me afraid of the dark to think that some people think I deserve to die.
    Especially in my case, when I'm not allowed to give blood because I'm still a cancer patient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    of course you should.
    I really do not understand why anyone would argue against this.
    Because some people are extremely selfish and lack any sort of empathy. I won't sugarcoat my reaction to it: It fucking scares me that so far 14 people have thought that because I'm unable to give blood due to disease, I don't deserve to live if I needed blood.

    I mean, the logic behind is so fucking idiotic that it's an insult to even call it logic.

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    Of course, my mom was saved by blood transfusion, but she never gave blood and likely never will because if she did she would get very sick, very achy and very likely die...I mean really those 15 people need to think about why people may not give blood.

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    I volunteer with the Red Cross at local blood drives. Some people show uip and are unable to donate because of certain rules/regulations regarding blood donation (e.g. having tattoos, traveling overseas recently). Sooooooo, yes, you should be given blood, even if you dont.
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    Uhh, you get paid for giving blood.
    And you pay for anything that requires blood transfusion.
    I don't see a problem here.
    In the United States that's plasma not blood, in most areas blood donation is voluntary, but you do get paid for plasma donation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Algernon View Post
    In that case it's not just him being homofobic, it's your government as well.
    The Op is not being homophobic. By stating an exemption, allowing people to get blood even tho they are barred form giving it is not an act of homophobia. That would mean Gay guys in this scenerio would be given blood if they needed it, even tho there is a homophobic ban on them giving it...

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    Being homosexual doesn't exclude you from donating blood
    Oh sure it does, but that little thing is often ignored in more progressive places, since they screen the blood anyhow.

    Edit: IF you were gay and wore a 6 foot tall blue beehive wig and were somthing like hh, they would would not blink an eye and tap you, rules or no rules, trust.
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